Registered Voter Turnout in the 2017 Alabama Senatorial Election

Dec 19, 2017
Chart of registered voter turnout in Alabama

The chart above shows the percentage of registered voters that voted in each county and the party that won said county.  The Democrats won the counties where a greater percentage of registered voters showed up to vote.  The only decisive victory the Democrats had where registered voters did not really show up to the polls was in Macon County.  The Republicans only won one county (Shelby) where registered voters actually showed up in great numbers.


  • Of the 10 counties with the highest registered voter turnout, nine were won by the Democratic candidate.
  • Conversely, of the 10 counties with the lowest registered voter turnout, seven were won by the Republican candidate.
  • More than half the registered voters showed up to vote in only one county: Greene.
  • Only 24 counties (out of 67) had more than four out of ten of their registered population vote.


  • As seen in the previous post there are some anomalies in the registered voter rolls.


Doug Jones did well in counties where a relatively large portion of the registered population showed up to vote.

The data does not tell us if the counties won by Moore were won because Democrats stayed home or that his victory in those counties would have been greater had more Republicans voted.


Alabama Secretary of State.  "Alabama Votes."  Accessed December 13, 2017.

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