Voter Turnout in the 2017 Alabama Senatorial Election

Dec 15, 2017
Chart of voter turnout in Alabama

The chart above shows the percentage of people that voted in each county and the party that won each county.  The Democrats won the counties where people went to the polls in droves while the Republicans won the counties where most people stayed home.


  • The seven counties with the highest voter turnout were won by the Democratic candidate.
  • Of the 10 counties with the highest voter turnout, the Republican candidate only won two (Baldwin and Shelby) and by relatively slim margins.
  • The Republican candidate only won two counties (again Baldwin and Shelby) where more than one-third of the people voted.
  • Twenty-six counties had less than one-fifth of their population show up to the polls.  The Republican candidate won 21 of these.


  • The data does not take into account people registered to vote.  The percentage represents the number of people that voted from the entire population of the county.


Clearly, the Democrats got the vote out, but even the county with the largest voter turnout had less than half of its residents voting.

Doug Jones did best in Macon County where 30.57 percent of the population voted and Roy Moore did best in Winston County where 23.11 percent of the population showed up to the polls.


Alabama Secretary of State.  "Alabama Votes."  Accessed December 13, 2017.

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