The Amazing Race Probabilities and Predictions: Showdown in Morocco

The Amazing Race Keith and Shelley

Tonight, the teams head to Morocco where they cycle through the alleyways of a Moroccan city.  There's also a musical task that requires wearing a fez and spinning one's head.  Oh, and most importantly, there's a showdown between Keith and Shelley.  That should be fun.  Our The Amazing Race probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Wichita, United Kingdom

David Cameron and Ed Miliband are back in full form tackling all the pressing issues of the British people.  On the agenda this week: the state of the National Health Service (NHS), the economy, taxes, and unemployment.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Power Rankings: Farmer Dale Saves the Rice

Dale, the great defender of the rice, skyrockets to second place - even though he is likely to be voted off soon - as he stands for principle and against starvation.  Missus Cubed becomes the villain of the season as her idiocy may plunge two tribes into starvation.  But like a true politician that promises everything today and hides tomorrow's consequences from everyone, she manages to get everyone to vote with her.  Isn't democracy great?  Here is our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of the Survivor: San Juan Del Sur castaways.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, with Survivor gifs. READ MORE

Julian Casablancas and the Voidz, "Where No Eagles Fly"

Julian Casablancas+The Voidz - Where No Eagles Fly (Official Video) from Julian Casablancas+The Voidz on Vimeo.

Oh hi New York!  Remember how it was just a week ago that you were simply looking forward to another mundane weekend of axe wielding homicidal maniacs, vagina stuffing watch thieves, and mushroom loving financiers?  Well, those sweet and innocent times are over.  Ebola has made it to New York and she's taking Manhattan. READ MORE

The Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Recap: Pilgrims and Natives

Survivor rice

The two tribes switch members randomly and the pilgrims from each tribe discover the ways of the natives of their new tribes.  The Coyopa pilgrims head to Hunahpu to come face to face with hunger while the Coyopa natives welcome the Hunahpu pilgrims with bounty.  But we have all seen this movie before: pilgrims find new land, natives show them food, pilgrims want more food, natives lose.  But this time things are different, as the pilgrims take out one of their own to deliver a deadly blow to the chief of the natives. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow Power Rankings: Who Weeps for Caroline?

Sleepy Hollow Caroline

Ichabod and Katrina's little love affair may span the ages but so do its ramifications.  We learn that Katrina may have bewitched Ichabod and was there when the woman that accuses her of so meets her demise, twice.  An innocent bystander, Caroline, is the one that pays the price though, as the protagonists try to prevent bringing about the end of the world.  How does a Quaker like Katrina deal with all this violence.  She goes back to the Headless Horseman and locks herself in her room.  Even mighty Henry Parrish cannot do as he pleases, as he has to answer to the dimwitted Moloch.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's Sleepy Hollow power rankings, and now with animated gifs! READ MORE

The Shark Tank Power Rankings: Fashion Is Profitable

Shark Tank Red Dress Boutique

The sharks saw presentations from a game company, a golf caddy company, an online boutique, and a glasses company.  They made offers on three of these.  Only two of the companies accepted.  Our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of the Shark Tank investors.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue. READ MORE

Where’s the Rice, the Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Picture Book

Survivor Josh and Alec
"There's no way they voted out my brother." READ MORE

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Probabilities and Predictions: Shake, Shake, Shake

Survivor tribes swap

Tonight there is a huge shakeup on the island as they swap tribes.  The new dynamic of the tribes could make people that were comfortable up until now, likely targets for getting voted off.  Others fortunes may rise.  The challenge consists of the two teams digging through sand for a bag containing two keys and racing through mud, then shaking a crow's nest until they get 20 sandbags that they toss onto a swing.  First team to land 10 bags wins immunity.  This is our weekly look at which contestants have a shot at making it through to next week.  Our Survivor: San Juan Del Sur probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Amazing Race Power Rankings: When You Win, Knock Yourself Out

The Amazing Race Maya Warren

So team teeth pulls off a loss and the surfers don't do much better.  Now we actually have a race.  The cyclists and scientists racked up a bunch of points making them the big winners of the week and they have caught up to the leading two teams in the overall rankings.  But will the cyclists be able to keep this up if there are no cycling challenges left?  Our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of The Amazing Race contestants.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, with more Survivor: Cagayan gifs! READ MORE

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