Survivor: Worlds Apart Probabilities and Predictions: Bottomless Shirin’s Bottom

Survivor Shirin Oskooi and Tyler Fredrickson

The white collar tribe embraces nature, the blue collar tribe plays some ball, and all hell breaks loose on the no collar tribe.  Luckily for the blue collar tribe, shooting hoops will be part of the combined reward/immunity challenge and what was a whim decision (shooting coconuts into baskets for fun) may turn out to be great practice for the challenge.  On the no collar tribe Nina loses it, and Jenn, Vince, and Joe work on their interpersonal relationships.  This is our weekly look at which contestants have a shot at making it through to next week.  Our Survivor: Worlds Apart probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Doug Seegers, "Edge of the World"

Doug Seegers // Edge Of The World from Thelonious Step on Vimeo.

A horse
of course

at the stable
he'll tell a melancholy fable


The Amazing Race Power Rankings: You Can’t Fight the Law

The Amazing Race Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams

Once again the lawyers win the leg.  Will anyone be able to stop these two?  Blair and Hayley continue to entertain us with their antics and Laura and Tyler make a big move.  We're also sad to see CJ and Libby go as they were such good sports about their predicament.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of The Amazing Race contestants. READ MORE

Rand Paul Takes the Straw Poll

There were two big events this week: the Conservative Political Action Conference and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account for state department business.  Hillary's scandals seem to be mounting just as she plans to announce her candidacy.  But assuming they do, who would be the likely Democrat to take her place.  Even though Elizabeth Warren has an active group of supporters urging her to run, she herself is not very keen on the idea.  Which leaves us with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb who is starting to get some media attention.  This week's installment of the "United States Presidential Candidates Power Rankings" sees Elizabeth Warren holding on to the top spot.  This week's roundup below. READ MORE

Brilliant Brownies

ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIES Recipe from Vicki Koerbler on Vimeo.

A circle line
of ingredients so fine

shredded chocolate
is so intimate

add some butter
set hearts aflutter

that starch of corn
is soon all poured


The Shark Tank Power Rankings: Shark Rage

Shark Tank Lori and Robert

Kevin brings the quotes once again and Robert and Mark lose their cool.  Daymond and Lori make a really bad investment and they so not even see it.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of the Shark Tank investors. READ MORE

Slipping and Sliding, The Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race Mike and Rochelle

In the second episode of the 26th season of The Amazing Race titled, "I Got the Smartest Dude," the teams slip and slide all over Nagano as they attempt to solve puzzles, eat noodles, and race around an ice skating track. READ MORE

Loud Mouths Aren’t Always Bad

"Social Q's" is Philip Galanes's advice column in the New York Times.  Every Tuesday in Anti-Social Q's, I will answer the same questions as "Social Q's," with a greater regard for the sad state of the human condition.

This week Philip focuses on degrees of maturity.  Someone wants to get together with a long lost love, a man listens in on a perverted conversation and is dying to join it, a woman has yet to mature, and someone wonders what they should say about a former employer to a fair weather friend.


Puzzling Puzzle Box, The Amazing Race Classic Moments

The Amazing Race Ashley Gordon

Amidst all the slipping and sliding on and off the ice, this episode also delivered some truly classic moments.  From Libby and CJ falling victim to production's latest "bright" idea to Ashley and Bergen trying to figure out a puzzle box. READ MORE

Sharks Eat Sharks, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Mark and Daymond

The sharks invested in three out of the four "college" companies.  But who cares about that?  The sharks ended the episode devouring each other over an app that has so many competitors and whose business model is suspect at best. READ MORE

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