The Sleepy Hollow Power Rankings: Wonder about Pandora

Sleepy Hollow Pandora

Pandora keeps the Witnesses busy while she plans her next move, but nobody knows what her goal is.  What is Pandora up to?  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's Sleepy Hollow power rankings. READ MORE

Hillary Versus Hillary

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Hillary's flip-flops, the next speaker of the House, and the upcoming Democratic debate were all discussed in this week's show. READ MORE

The Age of Wooden Garb, the Shark Tank Picture Book

Shark Tank Matt McClard and Bryan Deluca
"Who wants to see our underwear?" READ MORE

Wounded Foot Versus Yapping Mouth, The Amazing Race Picture Book

The Amazing Race Tanner and Josh
"A broken foot is no match for Jesus." READ MORE

The Amazing Race Probabilities and Predictions: Mr. Obnoxious

The Amazing Race Justin Scheman

In the second episode of the 27th season, titled "Where My Dogs At," the teams stay in Argentina where they cook some lamb, deliver a wooden horse or clean a horse carriage, and ride pick up trucks.  Our The Amazing Race probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Secrets, the Sleepy Hollow Recap

Sleepy Hollow Whispering Wraith

On the second episode of the third season titled, "Whispers in the Dark," Pandora unleashes a shadow on the town of Sleepy Hollow making the place as dark as its secrets.  Unfortunately for darkness, the Witnesses show up to bring light back into town. READ MORE

The Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings: The Most Dangerous Ally

Tasha and Jeremy take the week due to Tasha's keen sense of the tribe dynamics at her new tribe saving herself from almost certain elimination.  Jeremy, on the other hand pockets an idol and manages to get a new option in Spencer.  As for Jeff, Abi, and Peih-Gee, the three of them did everything in their power to destroy their numerical advantage in their tribe and one of them paid the price for it.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, here is our highly scientific power ranking of the Survivor: Cambodia hopefuls. READ MORE

Whisper Me This, the Sleepy Hollow Picture Book

Sleepy Hollow Abbie and Ichabod
"Where there's smoke, there's fire." READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow Probabilities and Predictions: Blasts from Their Pasts

In tonight's episode titled "Whispers in the Dark," the Witnesses finally realize that there is a new evil mastermind in town.  Our Sleepy Hollow probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Survivor: Cambodia Recap: Woo Cares

Survivor Woo Hwang

In the third episode of the 31st season of Survivor titled "We Got a Rat," two tribes turn into three, and the tribe with Abi and Jeff in it brings all the drama with everyone in it being a potential target for elimination with the exception of Woo. READ MORE

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