The MasterChef Junior Probabilities and Predictions: Torching Dinner

MasterChef Junior Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais, Christina Tosi

In tonight's seventh episode of the fifth season titled, "Pie-Eyed," the junior cooks split up into four teams to make some pie and pie Gordon in the face (although it brings warmth to our hearts, we're over this messy judge gimmick).  Later the judges accompanied by Richard Blais hand over some blowtorches to a bunch of preteens and hope for the best.  Our MasterChef Junior probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Putting the Marsh in Marshmallow, the MasterChef Junior Awards

MasterChef Junior marshmallow pie

Jasmine jumps, Lila dances, and a close look at pie.  Here are the most entertaining moments from this week's episode of MasterChef Junior. READ MORE

Terror at Westminster

Just moments before terror struck Westminster, the parliamentarians held a typical session in which topics discussed included the National Health Service, the exit from the EU, education, transportation, veterans, Lyme disease, tobacco, infrastructure, renovations to the Palace of Westminster (the building that houses parliament), pollution, electoral fraud, trade, housing, wages, and salaries of government officials.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Whisper Games, the Survivor Game Changers Picture Book

Survivor Jeff Probst
"Winning tribes get coffee." READ MORE

Survivor Game Changers Probabilities and Predictions: Double the Trouble

Survivor castaways

The producers have decided to send more than one tribe to tribal council so anything can happen tonight.  Our Survivor Game Changers probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Judge Julie, the MasterChef Junior Comic Book

MasterChef Junior Julie Bowen
Judge Julie Bowen takes some time off her busy schedule cooking food pretending to cook food on television to judge some cooks on MasterChef Junior. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow Power Rankings: The Future Belongs to Her

Sleepy Hollow Molly 'Lara' Thomas

Future Molly comes back to the present to prevent Malcolm from amassing the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse but things don't go exactly as planned for anyone.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's Sleepy Hollow power rankings. READ MORE

The Unfunded Campaign

The candidates' financial summaries for the first quarter of the year have been released and there is only one man that has hit seven digits in both spending and raising of funds and he's not the mayor.  Aside from that, Bo Dietl officially kicked off his campaign and Bill de Blasio will not be charged by prosecutors.  This week's installment of the 2017 New York City Mayoral Candidates Power Rankings sees Paul Massey holding on to the top spot. READ MORE

Loyal to the Core, the Survivor Game Changers Social Networks

Survivor Tavua tribe

The tribes swap and most of the castaways are sticking to their core alliances. READ MORE

She Eats What Bleats, the Survivor Game Changers Comic Book

Survivor Sandra Diaz-Twine
Soulless Sandra is so hungry she could eat a goat on Survivor island. READ MORE

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