Big Brother Probabilities and Predictions: Dumber Versus Jehovah in the Fifth Eviction

Big Brother Amber and Jocasta

Tonight the house guests gather to vote out one of their housemates.  They have two options: Dumber or Jehovah.  How will the vote go?  Here is a brief synopsis of what is going on in every contestant's head. READ MORE

The Big Brother Power Rankings: Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Big Brother Amber Borzotra

It's hard to tell who is more clueless, the person getting backdoored, or the person setting up the backdoor.  In this, the 16th episode of the 16th season of Big Brother, Caleb is tricked into backdooring the love of his life, Dumber.  But is it a wise decision for everyone else to backdoor her?  This is a battle of the idiots and the only one that comes out on top is the lunatic that is Zach as he seizes the comedy of the pickle.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are the Big Brother power rankings. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Somebody’s in a Pickle

Big Brother Zach Rance

Zach was deposed as head of household and it is now up to Frankie to backdoor Dumber.  Zach, however, decides that he wants to do all the dirty work and sets up Dumber for her fall. READ MORE

Deadly Pickles, the Big Brother Picture Book

Big Brother Frankie Grande
"Operation backdoor Amber is still in effect." READ MORE

Karen O, "Rapt"

Karen O - Rapt (Official Video) from Artists Without A Label on Vimeo.

One, two, three
under sea

"The sun beating down on me"
an aspect ratio of four to three


The MasterChef Power Rankings: Tough Love Truffles

MasterChef Leslie's truffles

Lushly delivers yet again.  He turns to wine, tells us that "it's not getting hard enough," and makes the world's prettiest romantic truffles (picture above).  This man storms through the competition not giving a single fuck.  How can you not love this guy?  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's MasterChef power rankings.  Below, the home cooks and their ranking based on their performances this week. READ MORE

A Man and His Fascination with Heels, the MasterChef Recap

MasterChef heels

Somehow, somewhere, a person decided to spend the rest of her life with Gordon Ramsay.  However, she was smart enough to live on the other side of the planet.  She wears high heels which are Gordon's true love.  The person wearing them is just an accessory.  Now we all know why the Cuntessa is looked upon so dearly by him.  The man is obsessed.  Is it any wonder the Cuntessa nearly lost when she wasn't wearing her heels?  The pieces are coming together people.  Gordon has an illness and he needs our help.  Oh, by the way, the cooks made two dishes for a bunch of couples and the entire losing team faced the pressure test. READ MORE

The Moreland Commission Story Finally Gets Media Attention

We have been covering and wondering whether the Governor's unusual behavior with the commission he established to investigate corruption in Albany would ever affect his campaign.  Last week, The New York Times published a story about the Governor's role with the Moreland Commission.  Since then, this has been the only story in the gubernatorial campaign.  This week's installment of the "New York State Gubernatorial Candidates Power Standings (or something like that)" sees Cuomo maintaining the top spot.  This week's roundup below.


Fornax Void, "Wintermute"

Fornax Void - Wintermute from Video Wizards on Vimeo.

Dark music
fills your soul

8-bit graphics
and nothing more


The Big Brother Power Rankings: The Reign of Zach the Great

Big Brother Zach Rance

The first reign of Zach the Great terrifies the entire household.  Nobody can control the man that puts Devin's reign to shame.  Unfortunately for him, his nominees won the battle of the block competition dethroning him and quite possibly putting his plan to backdoor Dumber in jeopardy.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are the Big Brother power rankings. READ MORE

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