The Sleepy Hollow Probabilities and Predictions: Crazy Man from the Past Warns People That the Internet Is Killing Them

Sleepy Hollow Diana and Ichabod

In the eighth episode of the fourth season titled "Sick Burn," the internet turns deadly and Molly has an ominous vision.  Our Sleepy Hollow probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

All the Things That Can Be Done with Rice, the MasterChef Junior Recap

MasterChef Junior junior cooks

The junior cooks get experimental with rice in the mystery box challenge, four have a delicious dinner while Eddie entertains with some solid humor, and the remaining cooks try to emulate one of Gordon's sea bass dishes. READ MORE

See Gordon Cook Sea Bass, the MasterChef Junior Picture Book

MasterChef Junior Gordon, Aaròn, Christina
"Young men and women, tonight we bathe in rice!" READ MORE

Politicians and the Police

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron dominated the news this week.  She with her legal troubles and her visit to Lebanon and he with his comments on Algeria and his meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May.  This week's installment of the 2017 French presidential candidates power rankings sees Emmanuel Macron holding on to the top spot. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior Probabilities and Predictions: It’s Raining Rice

MasterChef Junior Gordon, Aaròn, Christina

In tonight's third episode of the fifth season titled, "Just Like Gordon," the junior cooks will use rice in their mystery box competition and later they will try to duplicate one of Gordon's seafood dishes.  Aaròn Sánchez is a guest judge.  Our MasterChef Junior probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior How To: Make One Delicious Lobster Dish

MasterChef Junior lobster wontons

Thanks to Lila, we now know what it takes to make one amazing lobster dish.  Just follow the instructions below. READ MORE

Lousy Lori, the Shark Tank Comic Book

Shark Tank Ryan Woltz
Lousy Lori prevents a deal from happening on Shark Tank. READ MORE

The National Health Sermon

In a rather subdued session, parliamentarians discussed the National Health Service, education, a tribute to an assassinated parliamentarian, domestic violence, parkland, alcoholism, treatment of veterans, housing, vaccines, local governance, Thailand's and the Ukraine's criminal justice systems, trade, marriage, medical research, social benefits, taxation, and soccer.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Fairy Tales, the Sleepy Hollow Comic Book

Sleepy Hollow Molly Thomas
The Little Red Riding Hood is saved by Colonial Crane in Sleepy Hollow. READ MORE

Celebration Time, the MasterChef Junior Awards

MasterChef Junior Sam

Shayne mashes potatoes, Londyn dances, and Sam celebrates.  Here are the most entertaining moments from this week's episode of MasterChef Junior. READ MORE

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