Big Brother Probabilities and Predictions: Becky Versus Jason in the Fifth Eviction

Big Brother Jason and Becky

Tonight the house guests gather to vote out the fourth of their housemates.  Their options are either Becky or Jason. READ MORE

The Big Brother Power Rankings: Vanessa’s Manic Mind

Big Brother Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa's manic mind brings chaos to herself and to the rest of the house.  She scares the living daylights out of Austin and then blindsides a good portion of the house.  But while doing all that, she makes sure that Clay and Shelli are on board.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are the Big Brother power rankings. READ MORE

Manic Vanessa, the Big Brother Picture Book

Big Brother Shelli Poole
"Oh, my dearest Clay, how did this ever happen?" READ MORE

The Trouble with Time, the MasterChef Picture Book

MasterChef home cooks
Gordon: "Tonight you cook for a very important family." READ MORE

The MasterChef Probabilities and Predictions: Family Affair

Tonight America's "greatest" home cooks prepare family meals for their own families.  The losing team then has to do a walk of shame in front of their family as they have brought great shame to the family name, then they have to make gnocchi with brown butter and sage sauce.  Our MasterChef probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Big Brother Power Rankings: Total Train Wreck

Big Brother Clay Honeycutt and Becky Burgess

Clay volunteers to be nominated for eviction.  Nice move there muscle man.  Of course it all goes wrong as he and Train Beck derail the plan by losing the battle of the block competition forcing a manic Vanessa to remain head of household.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are the Big Brother power rankings. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Become a Cowboy

MasterChef Christina Tosi, Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay

America's "greatest" home cooks remind us all of our national culinary heritage.  Without meat and potatoes where would we be?  Probably France.  So next time you decide to don your cowboy hat and ride some horses into America's wild west make sure you follow the very simple rules of cowboy living. READ MORE

The Name Calling Campaign

As the Republicans prepare for their first debate next week (which may include all 16 candidates in an early debate but only the top ten in the main event), Clinton continues to deal with stories of nefarious activities and Trump insults practically all of his opponents.  And they are getting into it with him in hopes of cracking the top ten so that they could get more exposure by being in the debate.  This week's installment of the "United States Presidential Candidates Power Rankings" sees Hillary Clinton holding on to the top spot.  This week's roundup below. READ MORE

Wild Weekend, the Big Brother Social Networks

Big Brother Jackie Ibarra

It's been an interesting several days since Friday in the house.  Jackie has finally woken up and is taking the house by storm.  Jason however, is dispirited and things are not looking good for him now.  The positive and negative bonds as they have developed on the feeds, below. READ MORE

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