The Amazing Race Probabilities and Predictions: On Water and Wrestlers

The Amazing Race final pit stop

In the final leg of the 25th season of The Amazing Race titled "All or Nothing," the teams head to Los Angeles.  There, the teams get to dive through a window, perform a Coast Guard water rescue, and partake in a task that involves shipping containers.  One team will be eliminated at some point during the leg, leaving three to finish.  Our The Amazing Race probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Our Holiday Schedule and Commenting Hiatus

Comments are going to be down for the duration of the holidays.  Our holiday schedule below. READ MORE

A Dickensian Christmas

The final session of the year took place this week as Parliament takes off for the Christmas recess.  It will reconvene on January 5.  And with Christmas around the corner, the parliamentarians thought this the perfect opportunity to discuss the budget which was the topic with the majority of the questions.  Other holiday topics discussed included the recent terror attacks in Australia and Pakistan, unemployment, the transportation network, Russia, defense spending, and remittances.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior Power Rankings: The Bow Tie Knows

MasterChef Junior Logan

Samuel and Logan pull off three amazing dishes each with so many unique ingredients.  The two young men have showed themselves to be upstanding gentlemen throughout the season and continued that tradition in the final.  Not only are they both great chefs, but more importantly they have great character even though the two of them have very distinct personalities.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's MasterChef Junior power rankings.  Below, the junior cooks and their ranking based on their performances this week. READ MORE

The Future of Food Is Smoke and Adjectives, the MasterChef Junior Recap

MasterChef Junior Logan and Samuel

In the final episode of the second season of MasterChef Junior Samuel and Logan face off to become the greatest chef under the age of 16 to have ever existed, or until next season which is less than a month away.  Both go with seafood for their three-course meals and finish them off with unique desserts. READ MORE

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Probabilities and Predictions: Jaclyn to the End?

Survivor Jaclyn Schultz

After all the couples but the most sneaky one have been decimated, who will win the million dollars?  Will the three singles go after the last remaining couple or will they take them to the end to split their votes?  This is our final look at which contestants have a shot at winning the million dollars.  Our Survivor: San Juan Del Sur probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Shark Tank Power Rankings: Greedy Christmas to All

Shark Tank happy investors

The holiday spirit put the investors in a giving mood as they became partners in three out of four companies that presented.  Kevin may not have doled out any money but he made sure to keep everyone in a good mood.  See, money isn't everything.  Sometimes personality is all that matters.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of the Shark Tank investors. READ MORE

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