Salt Is Intellectual, the MasterChef Picture Book

MasterChef Leslie, Courtney, Elizabeth
Gordon: "America's top three cooks . . ." READ MORE

Idiots and Their Lack of Etiquette

Phone etiquette

"Social Q's" is Philip Galanes's advice column in the New York Times.  Every Tuesday in Anti-Social Q's, I will answer the same questions as "Social Q's," with a greater regard for the sad state of the human condition.

This week Philip helps people deal with the idiots around them.  A parent is sick and tired about finding things out about her child through the internet, a high school teacher knows nothing about etiquette, a pregnant woman's co-workers need some entertainment, and someone is visiting a bad therapist.


The Big Brother Recap: The Jury’s Mess

Big Brother luxury competition

CBS executives have realized that the remaining house guests are too dull for TV.  So for the third episode in a row, other people are brought into the house to entertain us.  This episode we were graced with the jurors tearing up a freshly cleaned house.  One of them even walked away with a bit of cash in his pocket. READ MORE

The MasterChef Probabilities and Predictions: Fifty Master Chefs

America's three "greatest" home cooks compete against each other tonight.  First off, six of the eliminated contestants return to help out the top three.  One will advance to the finals, the other two face off in a pressure test where they make three classic American desserts and one of the two gets eliminated.  Finally, the top two face off against each other for the grand prize of $250,000, the MasterChef trophy, and a book deal.  This is our weekly look at which contestants have a shot at making it through to next week.  Our MasterChef probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Smash It Up, the Big Brother Picture Book

Big Brother Seed Saw
It's the same head of household competition. READ MORE

The Scots Demand to Leave England Scot Free

The global threat that is ISIS dominated discussion on the panel.  The panelists agree that this scourge of people that believe in a benevolent spirit so much that they lob the heads off of their enemies must be eradicated, they cannot agree on how.  Will the Scots tell England to piss off?  The panelists think not.  And finally thousands of migrants have to wait for a popularity contest to find out if they will continue a life of starvation or they will get a shot at the American dream of having your job go to China. READ MORE


Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes from Dan Johnstone on Vimeo.

lemon zest

Freshly squeezed
are best

from one bowl
to the other
from the small
to the larger

add together
all those powders


The Big Brother Power Rankings: Mila Kunis’s Future Husband

Big Brother Julie Chen

Just when you thought we were inching closer to the end of this disaster of a season, Big Brother decides to replay a week that has no significance and was frankly one of the dullest all season.  Way to go guys.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are the Big Brother power rankings. READ MORE

The MasterChef Power Rankings: The Redemption of Cuntessa and Cutter

MasterChef Elizabeth Cauvel

Although we found out that Elizabeth is married to children's programming hero Fred Rogers, it was her and Lushly's rude behavior that stole the spotlight in this week's episodes.  Leading up to the season finale, Cuntessa and Cutter took abuse from the two of them and handled it with class (for the most part - this is Cuntessa and Cutter after all).  But will the Cuntessa continue to show us this other side and redeem herself completely?  Everyone deserves a second shot.  We'll see next week in the finale.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's MasterChef power rankings.  Below, the home cooks and their ranking based on their performances this week. READ MORE

Saving Scotland

Prime Minister David Cameron visited the northern lands of the United Kingdom known as Scotland in a last ditch effort to keep the country in the Kingdom.  The Scots are rebelling and calling for independence and Cameron called out an entire army to head north and keep the land of the Scots in the UK.  In this fearsome army are Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrats Party leader Nick Clegg.  The Scots have never faced a force this awe inspiring.  And so in the House of Parliament, Harriet Harman took the place of Miliband, and William Hague stepped in for Cameron.  Best bits below. READ MORE

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