The Sleepy Hollow Power Rankings: Cloaks and Country Roads

Sleepy Hollow Pandora

Ichabod and Abbie reunite after a nine month separation.  But, all is not good in Sleepy Hollow as a new demon makes its presence known and a new evil mastermind appears in town.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's Sleepy Hollow power rankings. READ MORE

Joe Biden the Enigma

John gets scolded by Pat, the panelists agree that Russia has clear goals in Syria, and nobody likes Trump's tax plan.  The roundtable also tries to predict whether Joe Biden will announce whether he is running for president in the upcoming week. READ MORE

Take This Cup and Eat It, the Shark Tank Picture Book

Shark Tank O'Dang Hummus
"I made flavored hummus!" READ MORE

A Rivalry Is Born, The Amazing Race Picture Book

The Amazing Race teams
"Let's all be friends!" READ MORE

The Amazing Race Probabilities and Predictions: Trashy Tango

The Amazing Race James and Denise

In the second episode of the 27th season, titled "Get in There and Think like a Dog," the teams leave Brazil and head to Buenos Aires.  There they visit the church where Pope Francis was baptized, learn to tango in a unique way, and collect recyclable material.  Our The Amazing Race probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Yaoguai, the Sleepy Hollow Recap

Sleepy Hollow Yaoguai

On the premiere episode of the third season titled, "I, Witness," a new villain arrives in the sleepy town of Sleepy Hollow and she may be Pandora of Pandora's box.  Once again, our Witnesses spend th entire episode battling the creature that's doing her dirty work and are clueless to her existence. READ MORE

The Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings: Genuinely Human

Survivor Terry Deitz

Terry comes back after a blow to his alliance to take out the person who took out one of his allies last week.  And he did it by being a great human being.  A rarity in this game.  Meanwhile, the Bayon tribe was reduced to tears.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, here is our highly scientific power ranking of the Survivor: Cambodia hopefuls. READ MORE

Pandora and Her Box, the Sleepy Hollow Picture Book

Sleepy Hollow Pandora
"My name is Pandora . . ." READ MORE

The Amazing Race How To: Be an Emotional Wreck

The Amazing Race Justin Scheman

Is your life a bit too emotionally stable?  Are you looking for an emotional roller coaster you could ride so you could drive the people around you crazy?  Well, Justin has just the rules you need to follow to go through life peaking and crashing.  Mostly crashing, of course. READ MORE

The Survivor: Cambodia Recap: The Return of Charlie Brown

Survivor Spencer Bledsoe

In the second episode of the 31st season of Survivor titled "Survivor MacGyver," the battle between old school and new school continues at Ta Keo while Stephen's battle against the muscle men does the same at Bayon. READ MORE

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