Your Own Personal Cheerleader, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank The Caddy Girls

One word: apparel.  No matter how ridiculous the idea, it nets millions.  Go out, get yourself some fabric and sell some clothes.  Clothes not your thing?  How about glasses?  The more ridiculous the more the profit.  America marches forward.  Who needs a cure for cancer when there are cowboy hat sunglasses to wear.  Not so profitable: young women and fun games for kids, according to the sharks, anyway. READ MORE

A Christmas Tree for Every Wedding, The Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race wedding cake

In the fourth episode of the 25th season of The Amazing Race titled, "Thinly Sliced Anchovies," the teams leave Scotland and head to Denmark with a brief excursion in Sweden. READ MORE

Hell Hath No Fury, the Sleepy Hollow Picture Book

Sleepy Hollow Caroline
"Ichabod, you are one fine gentleman." READ MORE

Little Humans, or Animals?

"Social Q's" is Philip Galanes's advice column in the New York Times.  Every Tuesday in Anti-Social Q's, I will answer the same questions as "Social Q's," with a greater regard for the sad state of the human condition.

This week Philip deals with the degeneration of society.  Someone's personal space has been violated by an obsessive social media fanatic, a Bostonian wonders if her children can be compared to animals, a woman obsesses over a gift whose time has gone, and those aggressive handshakes threaten a pianists career.


The Sleepy Hollow Probabilities and Predictions: Love and Tears

Tonight's creature of the week is the Weeping Lady.  She cries and cries and cries, and I suppose everyone else dies and dies and dies.  While all this craziness is happening Nick may be developing a bit of a love interest in Abbie and a woman that is infatuated with colonial times will also be infatuated with colonial Crane.  Our Sleepy Hollow probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

Getting Rich as America Deteriorates, the Shark Tank Picture Book

Shark Tank Jungle Jumparoo
"Have you ever wanted to place your kids behind bars?" READ MORE

The Weird World of Denmark, The Amazing Race Picture Book

The Amazing Race Jim and Misti
"This is our race to lose, nothing's stopping us, nothing at all!" READ MORE

Tax Reform for Individuals Can Wait

The two parties in Congress are set to agree on something, a new international banking system is set up, salt rises from the ashes, and the panelists discuss race. READ MORE

The Amazing Race Probabilities and Predictions: Pedal Power

The Amazing Race wrestlers

Tonight we get the first challenge that requires the teammates to work together.  One has to hold a cake steady on a cargo bike while the other pedals.  This challenge will require the two people on each team to communicate calmly and effectively.  As we have seen from previous episodes, not many teams foot the bill.  Will the teams whose team members cannot get along make it past this leg?  Our The Amazing Race probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

On Forgetting Speeches, Doctor’s Appointments, and Where Darlington Lies

The British Parliament is back in session after the conference recess - when the political parties hold their conferences - and the topics on the parliamentarians' minds included: employment, the National Health Service, ISIS, and the Hong Kong situation.  Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader had a sore throat, but that didn't stop David Cameron from lobbing insults at him.  Best bits below. READ MORE

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