The Survivor: Second Chance Power Rankings: Before the Start

Survivor second chancers

The next season of Survivor is set and the twenty contestants are now known which brings us to the final pre-game ranking.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, here is our highly scientific power ranking of the Survivor: Second Chance hopefuls. READ MORE

The MasterChef Power Rankings: Eat It!

When one plans on making apple pie, one must have an ample amount of corn starch at hand, enough to build a house.  In addition one must channel the spirit of Weird Al Yankovic and tell Gordon Ramsay to "eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, get yourself an egg and beat it."  That is why this week, pie maker extraordinaire, Christopher tops the rankings.  Straight from the Stockingblue laboratories, here are this week's MasterChef power rankings.  Below, the home cooks and their ranking based on their performances this week. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Beat the President at Her Own Game

Veep Selina Meyer and Tom James

Tom James is more popular than Selina Meyer.  But how can he turn that popularity into power?  Simple: make gaffes.  Let's see how it's done. READ MORE

Shut Your Pie Hole, the MasterChef Classic Moments

MasterChef Christopher Lu

Olivia stares down Gordon, Veronica doesn't like elaborate introductions, and Christopher gives Gordon a piece of his mind.  These are this week's MasterChef classic moments. READ MORE

Clock as Weapon, the Veep Power Rankings

Veep Sue Wilson and Selina Meyer

Two intrusions into the White House, a political gaffe by the vice president, and the Sue's sharp wit are enough to keep the president's secretary as the most powerful person.  The Veep power rankings, below. READ MORE

The Student Becomes the Teacher, the MasterChef Recap

MasterChef Christopher Lu and Gordon Ramsay

The nation's "greatest" home cooks cook with their favorite ingredients and then make some pie.  All while getting sassy with the judges and sometimes proving the judges wrong.  Hetal, Veronica, and Christopher take gambles that work and Olivia takes a gamble that doesn't. READ MORE

The Political Science Degree, the Veep Classic Moments

Veep Dan Egan

Foreign policy is hard and a young woman is hired for her brains.  These are this week's Veep classic moments. READ MORE

Sassy Pie, the MasterChef Picture Book

MasterChef Gordon, Graham, Christina
"Tonight's mystery box is food from your own kitchen." READ MORE

The MasterChef Probabilities and Predictions: Apple Pie Bye Bye

Tonight, in "You're the Apple of My Eye," America's "greatest" home cooks will actually cook using 20 ingredients that they each have in their own homes.  In this age of continuous surveillance, MasterChef somehow identified what each of the contestants had in their own kitchens.  One person will get an advantage in the apple pie pressure test.  Our MasterChef probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Make the Final Cut

MasterChef apron

Television can be so educational.  We always learn something new about the ways of the world from all the great programming that is available to us.  So why not identify all the new knowledge we've gained.  Here is our new feature which helps us better understand this complicated world we live in.  This week we learn what it takes to actually get on one of these glorious television programs. READ MORE

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