Rah Rah Raw, the MasterChef Junior Recap

MasterChef Junior Andrew and Riley

In the fourth episode of the third season of MasterChef Junior titled, "Raw Talent," the junior cooks don't do much cooking at all as they prepare raw fish for the judges.  But first, three of the cooks run through the pantry to collect a series of ingredients. READ MORE

Beware Babysitters Bearing Bad Blood, the Sleepy Hollow Recap

Sleepy Hollow Carmilla Pines

Hinduism has its day on the 14th episode of the second season titled, "Kali Yuga," where Hawley's babysitter returns as a demon of the Hindu goddess Kali.  The Witnesses and Jenny are christened the tunnel people and the three of them deal with their issues within their group as well as attempt to take down the evil forces that have taken over Sleepy Hollow. READ MORE

Academics and Austerity

That delayed Iraq inquiry continues to be an issue in the British Parliament.  On top of that, the debate got pretty heated between Ed Miliband and David Cameron on the National Health Service but nothing important was said with each man accusing the other of things that have nothing to do with health services.  Other topics discussed were the economy and the recent elections in Greece.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Dance Dance Restaurateur, the MasterChef Junior Awards

MasterChef Junior Jenna

The junior cooks melted Gordon's heart this week and that is no easy task.  There was dancing and excitement but at the same time drama and reconciliation.  Here are the most entertaining moments from this week's episode of MasterChef Junior. READ MORE

Jenny’s Two Sides, the Sleepy Hollow Awards

Sleepy Hollow Jenny Mills

Store owners of ill repute, scary and scarred villains, romantic kisses, and a man discovers he has no reflection.  All of these things can be found in a single episode of television's most peculiar show.  Here are the greatest moments from this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow. READ MORE

A Family Circus, The Apprentice Awards

The Apprentice Vivica Fox

Geraldo once again is the star of the show but Kenya continues to give him a run for his money.  He may have proposed strippers for a family cruise but she got down and dirty for her family cruise.  It's so hard to tell which of these two is missing more marbles.  Here are the most entertaining moments from this week's episode of The Apprentince. READ MORE

The Iowa Freedom Summit

Although most political campaigns have not officially kicked off yet, the Iowa Freedom Summit took place allowing us to see who can wow the conservative Iowans.  In addition, a handful of likely presidential candidates launched political action committees and we cannot wait to see a good bunch of these crash and burn.  Scott Walker both wowed the people in Iowa (see video) and launched his committee.  How many of these people will crash and burn before any one of them officially announces a run?  Who knows?  Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum also got some media attention.  This week's installment of the "United States Presidential Candidates Power Rankings" sees Mitt Romney holding on to the top spot.  This week's roundup below. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior Probabilities and Predictions: The Kids Get Raw!

In tonight's episode titled "Raw Talent," the three winners from the last elimination challenge, Nathan, Jenna, and Cory, get to compete by trying to match up the most ingredients.  After that, the teams are split up into two and partake in a tag team sushi challenge.  Our MasterChef Junior probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Vetala, the Sleepy Hollow Picture Book

Sleepy Hollow Carmilla Pines
"Hey Hawley, remember me?" READ MORE

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