Too Many Leaders, the Survivor Game Changers Picture Book

Survivor Jeff Probst
"It's time to merge but you only get the feast if two people sacrifice themselves by not eating." READ MORE

Parliament Approves Snap Elections

The upcoming elections dominated discussion just before the House approved them.  Also debated were whether or not there will be debates, the debt, the deficit, education, the National Health Service, infrastructure, housing, job security, the economy, sanitation, and defense spending.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Survivor Game Changers Probabilities and Predictions: The Merge

Survivor merge

In tonight's two-hour seventh episode of the 34th season titled, "There's a New Sheriff in Town," the tribes merge but two tribals are excluded from the merge feast.  Our Survivor Game Changers probabilities and predictions below. READ MORE

The Fun and the Fury, The Amazing Race Comic Book

The Amazing Race Becca and Floyd
Team Fun turns into Team Fury in no time on The Amazing Race. READ MORE

The Amazing Race Power Rankings: Double Trouble

The Amazing Race Seth and Olive

Liz and Michael and Tara and Joey earned the most points this week and had the biggest jumps in the rankings due to their great performances.  Meanwhile team fun lost their cool while Matt and Redmond and Seth and Olive realized how dangerous it is to show the other teams how great you are at the race.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of The Amazing Race contestants. READ MORE

The Mayor Visits Staten Island

Bill de Blasio paid Staten Island a visit and held a town hall meeting there while his opponents stumble over each other to figure out a way to make a dent in this race.  Anytime they would get press coverage, a feat in and of itself (potential candidates get more coverage), it was negative.  This week's installment of the 2017 New York City Mayoral Candidates Power Rankings sees Paul Massey holding on to the top spot. READ MORE

Brad Is Still in Control, the Survivor Game Changers Social Networks

Survivor Brad Culpepper

The tribes prepare for the merge. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior Power Rankings: The Gingerbread House

MasterChef Junior gingerbread house

Another episode filled with silly gimmicks that took valuable airtime from the cooks leaving most of the rankings unchanged.  Straight from the laboratories of Stocking Blue, here is our weekly look at the happenings of the previous episode and our highly scientific power ranking of the MasterChef Junior cooks. READ MORE

Rivals to the End, The Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race Matt, Redmond, Vanck, Ashton

The teams head to Africa where Brooke continues to bicker, Shamir continues to receive life threatening injuries, and two U-turns are handed out. READ MORE

Invitation Conventions

"Social Q's" is Philip Galanes's advice column in the New York Times.  Every Tuesday in Anti-Social Q's, I will answer the same questions as "Social Q's," with a greater regard for the sad state of the human condition.

This week Philip reaches out to the intellectually challenged.  A woman is asked to partake in an activity she is not comfortable with, a fiancĂ©e wishes she could be closer to her fiancĂ©'s children, a woman wonders about the roles of spouses in households, and a couple wishes their friend would just go away.


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