Per Capita Gross Domestic Product Cartogram of the Constituent States of the United Kingdom

Nov 1, 2019
Per Capita GDP Cartogram of the United Kingdom

In this geographically accurate cartogram, the constituent states of the United Kingdom are redrawn according to their per capita gross domestic product (GDP).  All four states of the United Kingdom are pretty equally sized which shows that the distribution of wealth between the constituent states is pretty even.


  • England has the largest per capita GDP, and thus claims the largest amount of territory.
  • England and Scotland lose territory while Northern Ireland and Wales gain.
  • Northern Ireland grows over two times its size.


  • Population data is from 2015.
  • GDP data is from 2017.
  • The map is presented in an Albers equal-area conic projection.


In absolute terms, Northern Ireland gains the most territory adding over 40,000 square kilometers while England loses the most ceding over 50,000 square kilometers.

In relative terms, Northern Ireland gains the most territory gaining 286.83% more land.  England loses the most territory ceding 44.03% of its land.

Scotland loses nearly one-fifth of its territory while Wales grows by nearly one-and-a-half times.

The difference between the state with the largest per capita GDP, England, and the state with the smallest, Wales, is $10,865.29.  England has 1.42 times the per capita GDP that Wales does.

The per capita GDP of the United Kingdom is €35,572.33 which would rank it second just under England and above Scotland.


StatePer Capita GDP (in euros)
Northern Ireland27,483.57


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