US Regions by Number of Subway Riders

Mar 19, 2019
Subway Riders in US Regions

The chart above shows the number of subway riders in each region.  The Northeast has more than four times the subway riders than all other regions combined.


  • The difference between the region with the most subway riders, the Northeast, and the region with the least, the South, is 2,252,200,000 riders.
  • The Northeast has 26.86 times the subway riders that the South does.
  • The New York City Subway has more than three times the riders (1,727.3 million) of all the other regions combined (497.4 million).
  • The second largest subway system by riders, the Chicago L, has more riders (230.2 million) than each of the West and the South as does the Washington Metro (229.6 million).


  • Data is from 2017.
  • Hawaii is currently working on building a subway system for Honolulu.
  • All figures are rounded to the nearest hundredth.
  • The Northeastern US consists of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  • The Midwestern US consists of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
  • The Western US consists of California, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Hawaii, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming.
  • The Southern US consists of Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia.


The Northeast accounts for over four-fifths of all subway riders in the country at 82.47%.  It, with the Midwest make up over nine-tenths of the subway riders in the country at 90.79%.

The New York City Subway makes up 73.84% of the Northeast's total riders, the Chicago L makes up 97.50% of the Midwest's total, Atlanta's MARTA accounts for 77.38% of the South's total, and San Francisco's BART accounts for 74.23% of the West's total riders.


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