US Regions' Vacation Spending in 2015

Aug 29, 2018
Chart of average vacation expenditures by US regions in 2015

The chart above shows the average vacation expenditures for overnight stays by US region.  The Western US slightly outspends the Northeastern US in vacation spending and is the only region that spends over $700 on vacations.


  • The difference between the region with the greatest vacation spending, the West, and the region with the least, the South, is $142.27.
  • The West has 1.25 times the average vacation expenditures that the South does.


  • All figures are rounded to the nearest hundredth.
  • The data is for domestic travel only.  International travel spending for US regions are as follows: $3,945.26 for the West, $3,875.76 for the Northeast, $3,511.43 for the Midwest, and $3,135.12 for the South..


The South is the only region where vacation spending is less than $600.  It is also the only region with states that spend less than $500.

When it comes to international travel, the West once again spends 1.26 times the average vacation expenditures that the South does.


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