Economic Growth and Contraction in US States between 2008 and 2017

Jun 28, 2018
Chart of change in GDP in US states between 2008 and 2017

The chart above shows change in GDP over the last ten years in US states.  North Dakota is the only state to grow its economy by half over the past ten years.  Texas grew its economy by a quarter, while three states saw their economy contract.


  • The difference between the state with the greatest growth in GDP, North Dakota, and the state with the least, Louisiana, is 53.53 percentage points.
  • North Dakota has 89.26 times the economic growth that Louisiana does in the past decade.
  • The mean economic growth for the 50 states is 11.36 percent and the median is 11.22 percent.
  • Midwestern states' growth ranged from 3.01 to 54.14 percent.
  • Southern states' growth ranged from -0.85 to 29.59 percent.
  • Western states' growth ranged from -6.31 to 22.16 percent.
  • Northeastern states' growth ranged from -7.84 to 16.13 percent.


  • All figures are rounded to the nearest hundredth.


The Midwest is the only region that did not have any states whose economy contracted in the past decade.

The United States as a whole has 13.56 percent growth over the same ten year period ranking it under Minnesota and just above Maryland.


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