Per Capita Waterway Coverage in EU States

Jun 20, 2018
Chart of Waterways per Thousand People in EU States

The chart above shows the kilometers of waterways per thousand people in EU states.  Finland has by far the most waterways per person in the EU and is the only EU state to have more than one kilometer of waterways for every thousand inhabitants.


  • The difference between the state with the most waterways per capita, Finland, and the state with the least, the United Kingdom, is 1.50 kilometers.
  • Finland has 93.49 times the waterways per capita that the United Kingdom does.
  • Only Finland has more than half-a-kilometer of waterways for every thousand people.


  • Waterway data is from 2016 except for Belgium (2008), Germany (2013), Luxembourg (2009), and Romania (2015).
  • Population data is from 2011.
  • Waterway and population data come from different sources.
  • All figures are rounded to the nearest thousandth.
  • Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden did not have any waterway data.


Finland and the Netherlands are consistently in the top three states with regards to waterways, whether it be in this metric, total waterways, or waterway coverage.

The European Union as a whole has 0.101 kilometers of waterways for every thousand people ranking it under Belgium and above Poland.


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