For and Against Filibustering

In a calm session, the parliamentarians discussed education, veterans, the National Health Service, social care, mental health, the exit from the EU, housing, agriculture, Russia's position on domestic violence, medication, child abuse, crime, energy, infrastructure, and Israeli-Palestinian relations.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Reading Material for Parliamentarians

Theresa May addressed questions about her visit to the United States as well as on the National Health Service, Trump's policies, a bill to pardon people with same sex offenses, the border with Ireland, the exit from the EU, pensions, rail, Turkey, NATO, pollution, education, issuance of a knighthood, flooding, nuclear power, health concerns, the hijab, and Pakistan.  Best bits below. READ MORE

May to Meet Trump

Theresa May's upcoming meeting with President Trump along with the British exit from the EU dominated discussion this week.  Parliamentarians also made time to discuss education, transportation infrastructure, food safety in the US, local issues, access to pharmaceuticals, investment opportunities, torture, trade, asylum, criminal justice, agriculture policy, Ukraine, pensions, disabled people in the workplace, Cyprus, political stability in Northern Ireland, and social care.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Irony Lady

This week's session was dominated by discussion on Theresa May's speech on exiting the European Union.  Other topics brought up included alcoholism, the National Health Service, exiting the European Union, taxation, a gender gap in university enrollment, executive pay, centralization of government offices, energy, pollution, the United Kingdom's relationship with NATO and the United Nations, and floods.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Horrific Hospitals

In a very subdued session kicking off the new year, the parliamentarians discussed the British exit from the European Union, nuclear power, the National Health Service, internet etiquette, employment, school funding, entrepreneurship, crime, bank closures, development, pensions, and mental health.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Foreign Office or Flip Off?

In a rather rowdy session just before the House sets off on its Christmas break the parliamentarians discussed the British exit from the European Union, investment, elderly care, the train strike, arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Syria, loan sharks, trucks parking in unauthorized places, cell phone coverage, the right to anonymity for those accused of crimes, emergency care in rural areas, racism, education, and victims of slavery.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Rocky Off-Ramp from the European Union

With the prime minister overseas, the Leader of the House David Lidington takes questions this week.  Emily Thornberry of Islington South and Finsbury filled in for Jeremy Corbyn.  Topics discussed include spaceports, a potential rail strike during Christmas, the British exit from the European Union, World War II, employment opportunities, a potential strike among nuclear weapons workers, diversity in the workplace, health care, the Welsh language on television, the Rohingya people in Burma, fracking, and journalistic integrity.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Slow and Steady Exit from the European Union

In a rather bland session, the parliamentarians prepare for the British exit from the European Union.  Other topics discussed include infrastructure investment, the economy, the National Health Service, loneliness, Syria, the right to talk about Christmas, the cost of passing away, education, and broadband.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Bidding Adieu to the EU

In a rather subdued session, the parliamentarians discussed child support, infrastructure, the National Health Service, elderly care, leaving the European Union, disability benefits, a British prisoner in Iran, housing, funding for research and development, Syria, attacks on police, the Irish Republican Army, homelessness, defense, an independent judiciary, the cost of fuel, and crime.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Special Relationship Continues

In a very jovial session, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn had an uproarious back and forth about Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson and his statements on the European Union that is definitely worth watching.  Other topics discussed included unemployment, the British exit from the European Union, crime, the relationship with the United States after our election, health issues, a recent tram accident, pensions, inequality, the British Broadcasting Corporation, veterans, child abuse, online bullying, prisons, Nigel Farage receiving a peerage, and infrastructure.  Best bits below. READ MORE

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