The Old College Try, the Veep Picture Book

Veep Selina Meyer
"I would like a presidential library of my own." READ MORE

A New Page, the Veep Picture Book

Veep Dan and Selina
"Remember when you fired me and now you're the one out of a job." READ MORE

Back to Civilian Life, the Veep Picture Book

Veep Mike McLintock
"The president will not become vice president, I guarantee it." READ MORE

The Veep How To: Lose the Presidency

Veep Selina Meyer

Selina Meyer wanted so bad to be president but the House of Representatives had other plans.  Now, neither she, nor her opponent can seem to get the necessary votes to make it into the White House.  Avoid the steps below if you don't want to follow in her footsteps. READ MORE

The Gentle Giant, the Veep Classic Moments

Veep Jonah Ryan

Jonah's height and Selina's sanity.  These are this week's Veep classic moments. READ MORE

The Veep Is Veep Again, the Veep Power Rankings

Veep Selina and Amy

Selina loses the presidency, Mike is about to lose his job, and Catherine loses and regains her girlfriend.  The Veep power rankings below. READ MORE

Splitting Wood, the Veep Recap

Veep Jonah Ryan

In the ninth episode of the fifth season titled, "Kissing Your Sister," Catherine releases her documentary and Selina does not win the presidency. READ MORE

Another Lackluster Documentary, the Veep Picture Book

Veep Selina, Richard, Mike
"Stop taping, Catherine." READ MORE

In the Act, the Veep Caption Contest

Veep Catherine Meyer

Catherine hides in a closet as Selina and Tom get well acquainted with each other. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Do Everything Wrong and Still Win an Election

Veep Jonah Ryan

Jonah pulls off the win no thanks to himself.  Sometimes being your own worst enemy is a good thing because you shoot yourself in the foot landing you in the hospital where you cannot say anything ridiculous to the media allowing your opponent to put her foot in her mouth. READ MORE

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