Louis the Child Featuring K. Flay, "It’s Strange"

Louis The Child - It's Strange feat. K.Flay (Official Video) from Steven Mertens on Vimeo.

Television is static.  Yet so dramatic.

It makes your life oh so cosmic.  Multiply the sets and the journey is tragic.

A stroll through the streets of New York.  There's a swagger in the way that she walks.

But she'll never match the strut of a horse.  In the country, it has its own course.


Me and My Drummer, "Blue Splinter View"

Me And My Drummer - Blue Splinter View (official video) from Sinnbus on Vimeo.

Alone against the starry sky.  The cosmic dust slides on by.

Tonight, the girl sings of life.


Mansfield.TYA, "La Fin des Temps"

La Fin des Temps - MANSFIELD. TYA from AS HUMAN PATTERN on Vimeo.

The sky is eternal.  Fields are forever.

Time never ends.  The folly is man.

Desert sands dance and advance.  Man is fooled once again.

The end of time, the origins.  Man searches for meaning in all of this.


Wolfredt, "Night Has Eyes"

Wolfredt - Night Has Eyes from Joosep Volk on Vimeo.

Fast.  Time lapse.

Clouds.  Overcast.

How long will the darkness last?

It is so awesome and so vast.  One wonders why this, man decided to blast.


Nicole Grace, "Five Slices of Pizza Later"

Nicole Grace - Five Slices of Pizza Later from Filmendez Productions on Vimeo.

Pizza.  It's so delicious, it's so addictive.  Eat too much and soon it's vindictive.

Eating pizza is so fast.  The present is superimposed on the past.


Princess Chelsea, "We Are Strangers"

Princess Chelsea - We Are Strangers from Simon Ward on Vimeo.

Cosmic dust is a cosmic must.  Anti technology echoing machine.

In outer space, he sings with cat.  She however, does none of that.


Giulia Balossino, "Frosty"

F R O S T Y (Unofficial music video) from Davide Morando on Vimeo.

A dining room awaits.  Diners, or a singer?

Her guitarist leads the way, as she prepares the diners for dinner.


Bob Dylan, "The Little Drummer Boy"

THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY from jeff scher on Vimeo.

I know it's only Thursday and all but of all the Thursday afternoons none feels more like a Friday afternoon than a Christmas Eve Thursday afternoon.  It's practically Friday and that means it's time for the Friday afternoon cheerful tunes video in which we welcome the weekend with the happiest of all music videos!


Timber Timbre, "Run from Me"

Run from me - Timber Timbre from paolo mannarino on Vimeo.

A man in bed, he lays.  The world's events, on his television, are played.

He shuts his eyes and awakes.  Soon he finds himself in a field of grains.


Lydmor & Bon Homme, "Dream of Fire"

Lydmor & Bon Homme: Dream Of Fire from hfn music on Vimeo.

A woman, a man, from the land of the Danes.  Both devoid of color, but thinking of flames.


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