Trentemøller Has a Candy Tongue

Trentemøller: Candy Tongue (feat. Marie Fisker) (Official Video) from Anders Trentemoller on Vimeo.

Blurred vision in a box.  The human body, some people say, is an image that shocks.

Fading in and fading out.

Strings of ribbon and strings of ink.

The blur, is a metaphor.  A metaphor for censorship.

Shades of grey, not the book.  Shades of gray, it is a look.

The bodies flow like sinuous waves.  The strings fly by like airborne stains.

You worship nothing, you are a fool.  Eruptions flow from the expanded pool.

Body, flow with me.  Body, set me free.

Art is not a commodity.  The faux artist and the non-profit.

I see the darkness of the human soul.  Her heart is an empty fucking hole.

The black soul slowly fades.  As it heads for its grave.



September 24th, 2013  2:56 PM

Wow, what happened here?

September 24th, 2013  8:58 PM

Also, NSFW tag?

September 25th, 2013  10:42 AM

I am getting introduced to so many cool sounds through this. Not to mention how enjoyable it is to read these. Thanks, Henry.