The First Debates

Last week the candidates practiced their comedy routines.  This week we had the first Republican and Democratic mayoral debates.  While the Republicans were all pretty reserved, the Democrats went at each other ferociously.  A couple of new polls were released as well.  This week's installment of the "New York City Mayoral Candidates Power Standings (or something like that)" sees Bill de Blasio holding on to his lead.  Bill Thompson goes from fourth place to third, while John Liu drops from third to fourth.  John Catsimatidis rises from sixth to fifth, and George McDonald drops from fifth to sixth.  Sal Albanese moves up one spot, Anthony Weiner three, and Jack Hidary falls two.  Below, this week's highlights and rankings.

Bill de BlasioBill de Blasio

Christine QuinnChristine Quinn

  • Leads among Latino votersPlus 20.
  • According to some poll of 400 people by a union.  Minus 20.
  • Endorsed by Anthony Weiner's online friend.  For using his scandal against him.  Plus 10.
  • But really, an endorsement from Sydney Leathers?  Minus 100.
  • Came in first in the latest New York Times/Siena College poll.  Plus 100.
  • Pissed off a bunch of rich peoplePlus 50.
  • Leads Democrats in money race.  Plus 10.
  • Not coolMinus 50.
  • New ad goes for compassionPlus 10.
  • Came in second in latest Quinnipiac pollPlus 75.
  • Bickered with Weiner at the mayoral debateMinus 50.
  • This week's total: 55.
  • Cumulative total: 939.

Bill ThompsonBill Thompson

John LiuJohn Liu

  • Knows how to skateboard.  Sure, here are a bunch of points.  Plus 10.
  • Came in fifth in latest Quinnipiac pollZero.
  • Wants to legalizing potZero.
  • This week's total: 10.
  • Cumulative total: 539.

John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis

  • Endorsed by one of the police unionsPlus 10.
  • Used it as an opportunity to jab Joe Lhota.  Plus 50.
  • Took part in first mayoral debateZero.
  • This man knows how to pose for a cameraPlus 25.
  • Came in second in latest Quinnipiac pollPlus 25.
  • That includes a big jump in his numbers.  Plus 100.
  • Using the Bloomberg tactic to winning an election: give everybody money.  It worked for Bloomberg.  Plus 50.
  • This week's total: 260.
  • Cumulative total: 366.

George McDonaldGeorge McDonald

  • Calls Weiner a punk.  Oh what the hell.  Plus 5.
  • Continues to harass Weiner on the grandpa comment.  Media attention acquired, talk about something important.  Minus 25.
  • Took part in first mayoral debateZero.
  • Came in third in latest Quinnipiac pollZero.
  • This week's total: -20.
  • Cumulative total: 244.

Sal AlbaneseSal Albanese

  • Pitches smartest city in the world plan.  Plus 50.
  • This piece in the New York Times pointing out that Sal has made thoughtful contributions to the campaign.  Plus 200.
  • Unfortunately, not included in the forum.  Minus 50.
  • Came in sixth in latest Quinnipiac pollMinus 25.
  • This week's total: 175.
  • Cumulative total: 140.

Anthony WeinerAnthony Weiner

Jack HidaryJack Hidary

  • Is actually getting media covereagePlus 10.
  • This week's total: 10.
  • Cumulative total: 45.

Joe LhotaJoe Lhota

Erick SalgadoErick Salgado

  • Suing Quinnipiac for excluding his name.  I guess this is one way to go about it.  Minus 5.
  • Not included in latest Quinnipiac pollMinus 50.
  • This week's total: -55.
  • Cumulative total: -690.

Question markAdolfo CarriĆ³n

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -712.

Randy CredicoRandy Credico

  • Not included in latest Quinnipiac pollMinus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -746.

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg

  • Judge rules stop-and-frisk unconstitutional.  Minus 10.
  • Has a copper tubMinus 50.
  • This week's total: -60.
  • Cumulative total: -915.

Jimmy McMillanJimmy McMillan

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -950.

Sal Albanese image courtesy of Heather Martino.
Bill de Blasio image courtesy of Henry Gass.
Michael Bloomberg image courtesy of Dean Meyers.
Jack Hidary image courtesy of Robert Scoble.
Joe Lhota image courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.
John Liu image courtesy of A Abreu.
Jimmy McMillan image courtesy of David Shankbone.
Christine Quinn image courtesy of Boss Tweed.
Erick Salgado image courtesy of JacobNY.
Bill Thompson image courtesy of Edwin Martinez.
Anthony Weiner image courtesy of istolethetv.
Question mark image courtesy of William Brawley.


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