Ten Most Bossa Nova Moments of a Club that Dubs Itself Bossa Nova

One month ago we published New York City Is Dead in Ten Pictures which got some of you asking for more.  Well, here we are with another ranking of some pictures published by the Village Voice.  In this set they took pictures of some club's opening night.  Since the club has bossa nova in its name, we figured we should pick out the most bossa nova moments.

10.  Bow Ties and Sweaters.  Like mohawks and leather, so bossa so nova.

9.  Panting and the Panted.  Bossa nova is lost on the despondent.

8.  Pretty Pouty.  Hey lady, duck face is dead, panting dog is in.

7.  Licky Lady.  Panting dog is the new duck face.

6.  Duck Face Meets Panting Dog.  The old way and the bossa nova.

5.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.  Studded gloves and gazing studs.

4.  Diamonda Galas.  Diamanda's doppelganger brings the bossa nova new age.

3.  Death Metal Bossa Nova.  Headphones drown out the bossa nova with more bossa nova.  Peace.

2.  Eyes White Shut.  I can see the music in my head.

1.  Black Stripe Bossa Nova.  Jazz hand and painted breast band.



January 4th, 2013  12:29 PM

These kids are something. All I can say is that shy dancer in the video has captured my heart and I don’t know how to get it back.

January 4th, 2013  12:38 PM

Also, the world would be a more beautiful place if it were all in black and white.

January 4th, 2013  2:15 PM

I can see the music in my head.

I lost it.

January 4th, 2013  2:16 PM

I just noticed Diamonda Galas. LOL

January 4th, 2013  3:27 PM

Pretty pouty and licky lady are the same person.

January 4th, 2013  3:27 PM

Hey stocking blue figure out a way to make the video keep playing while I post, especially when I like the music.

January 4th, 2013  3:28 PM

I think number 1 is Tao Lin.

January 4th, 2013  9:50 PM

Some of these people are trying way too hard.

January 7th, 2013  10:22 AM

These are all at the same party? Seems like they are all from different parties, I guess I haven’t been out in a while.

    January 7th, 2013  11:50 AM

    Panting dog. Is this a new thing? I too have not been up with things apparently. At least, we will not see any more duck faces.