The Veep How To: Lose the Presidency

Veep Selina Meyer

Selina Meyer wanted so bad to be president but the House of Representatives had other plans.  Now, neither she, nor her opponent can seem to get the necessary votes to make it into the White House.  Avoid the steps below if you don't want to follow in her footsteps. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Do Everything Wrong and Still Win an Election

Veep Jonah Ryan

Jonah pulls off the win no thanks to himself.  Sometimes being your own worst enemy is a good thing because you shoot yourself in the foot landing you in the hospital where you cannot say anything ridiculous to the media allowing your opponent to put her foot in her mouth. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Continue to Run a Campaign into the Ground

Veep Jonah Ryan

Who would have thought that our champion politician would come up with a part two on how not to get elected?  I suppose everyone, so here are a few more guidelines on how to lose an election courtesy of Jon H. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Run a Campaign into the Ground

Veep Jonah Ryan

Jonah Ryan shows us all everything you should do to make sure you are not elected into office.  Thanks to him and the guide below, politicians can now end their careers ever so gracefully. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Accidentally Become President

Veep Tom James

You could go the traditional route and stumble into the presidency when the president is no longer able to fill his duties or you could take an even easier path to the highest seat in the land.  This week, Tom James shows us how to use the electoral college to one's advantage. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Avoid Blame for Political Scandal

Veep Bill Ericsson

Investigations into wrongdoing pop up in the most inconvenient of times, like right before you're about to be elected president.  That is why you must always be prepared for the worst.  This week, Selina shows us that even if you don't have a clue, one must always have a plan.  How do you avoid blame when Congress starts investigating?  Find out below. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Kill a Bill

Veep news reporter

Selina Meyer shows us how horribly wrong things can go once the president decides to secretly lobby against her own bill.  But there are important lessons to be learned from this.  So how does one go about killing their own bill?  Find out below. READ MORE

The Veep How To: Beat the President at Her Own Game

Veep Selina Meyer and Tom James

Tom James is more popular than Selina Meyer.  But how can he turn that popularity into power?  Simple: make gaffes.  Let's see how it's done. READ MORE