Together Again, The X-Files Recap

The X-Files Dana Scully and Fox Mulder

Dana Scully uses her DNA to save the world while Fox Mulder goes off on one of his adventures. READ MORE

The Young Ones, The X-Files Recap

The X-Files Einstein and Miller

Agents Scully and Mulder meet their younger doppelgängers and use the powers of good and evil, and of course the magical powers of vitamin B3, to prevent further death and destruction. READ MORE

Downtown, The X-Files Recap

An artist sculpts a killer that stalks the people that do not look out for the homeless. READ MORE

Humanity As a Curse, The X-Files Recap

The X-Files lizard man

A man whose not really a man may be behind some senseless murders.  In the end, he turns out to be just an innocent lizard. READ MORE

Van Gogh Was a Genius, The X-Files Recap

The X-Files Fox Mulder

Ears continue to be the theme of the show as we learn the reason why aliens don't bother with them: sounds can be used as a deadly weapon. READ MORE

Don’t Do Drugs, The X-Files Recap

The X-Files Scully and Mulder

The X-Files returns with Mulder apparently high on meth as every new bit of information he receives sets him off on wild conspiracy theories that even the conspiracy theorists around him think are wacky. READ MORE