The Sleepy Hollow How To: Take Someone’s Lunch Money

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane

Lunch costs money so wouldn't it be better if you could get someone to fork over the cash for your meals?  Thanks to Alex, Jenny, and Jake, we now know how simple it is to pull this off.  Nota bene: do not fall in love with anyone.  You will be paying for other people's lunches. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Rent an Apartment

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane

If you are currently looking for a place to stay, don't be like Ichabod.  If you notice anything weird, or even multiple things weird, do not take the place! READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Make an Entrance

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane

How do you make sure that people will be relieved to see you when you drop by unannounced?  We turn to a man from the 18th century to tell us how. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Make New Friends in a New Town

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod and Diana

If you ever move to a new town, you will need to make new friends.  But how do you go about pulling that off.  Thankfully, our good friend Ichabod who is visiting us from two centuries ago shows us the way.  All you need is a little help from demons and you are set.  Everyone you meet following Ichabod's instructions will be totally sane. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Write Like Someone from the Mid-18th Century

Sleepy Hollow George Washington letter

If you feel like writing like ſomeone in the Revolutionary War period, there is one little thing you need to keep in mind, and that is that people uſed a different letter s at the end of a word than they did at any other poſition of a word.  Follow the ſteps below and you'll be drafting your own declarations of independence from contemporary writing in no time. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Be Remembered for Sewing a Flag

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane and Betsy Ross

You may have a lot of accomplishments under your belt, and you may want to be remembered for them, but sometimes the world just focuses on one.  So how do you go about making sure they don't?  For one thing, make sure to write like your contemporaries do.  History never forgives those that ignore the standard writing practice of their time. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Reconnect with an Old Friend

Sleepy Hollow Joe, Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny

We all lose touch with people that we were once close to.  And we all sometimes wonder what it takes to reconnect with old friends.  Thanks to the crafty Ichabod and his cohorts we now know that this is easily done.  Just follow the steps below. READ MORE

The Sleepy Hollow How To: Get a Famous Person to Say Something Profound

Sleepy Hollow Betsy Ross, Ichabod Crane, Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale was a great American hero.  Great, but not too bright.  Let's be honest here.  As the documentary series Sleepy Hollow points out, a dead time traveller warned him to be more careful with his espionage activities but he refused, partly because he thought he was a cat.  Famous people tend to be delusional like this.  But, the dead time traveller figured we should focus more on the man's bravery than his foolery and managed to place a phrase in his head that would inspire many generations to come.  Now we all know how to do the same. READ MORE