Sleep and Style, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Tara Brown

An ophthalmologist develops a hair styler, a man creates a company allowing people to mix and match wines, another man has created a candy that satiates one's appetite, and two brothers have figured out a way to give billboards another use after they are done.  Robert finally gets his profile. READ MORE

Fly Me to the School, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Robert Herjavec

Three guys make soft beach towels, two guys make supplements, a woman starts a drone instruction business, and a couple of guys make some funny pants.  Daymond updates us on his investment in a sock company. READ MORE

Evil Lori, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Lori Greiner

A woman develops a talking toy, a man has created some software that grows plants, two men allow people to book day stays at hotels, and two guys create a way to teach children how to code.  Also, Lori and Mark make a wise investment. READ MORE

The Sassy Strut, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Melissa Gersin

A nurse develops a vibrating blanket, two people team up to market a first aid ointment, a man processes berries, and a couple repurpose firefighter gear.  Mark also provides an update on one of his investments. READ MORE

Cartman, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Dbest Products

A bodybuilder develops a cooler, a mom makes a stylish play mat, a surfer creates a portable shower, and a consummate salesman makes the cart of the century.  Barbara also touches base with a food franchise she previously invested in. READ MORE

Munching on Crickets, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Chirps

Two young women want to place bugs in your food, a man wants to protect people's eardrums, a couple develops software that can manufacture products, and two guys rent out cabins in the woods.  Barbara also discusses her struggles on her path to riches. READ MORE

Math Is Magic, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Lisa Binderow

A woman figures out a way to add an additional step to getting rid of grease, a young man makes a better building block, and two women are horrible at math.  Daymond shows us how his business started. READ MORE

Purrfectly Natural, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank PDX Pet Design

Cat lovers lick a cat, a wife scolds her husband into buying new clothes, a veteran starts a coffee shop empire, and a couple make ethnic dolls. READ MORE

Santa’s Ghostwriter, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Sarah Blain

Santa pays the sharks a visit, a plastic ice skating surface sends Robert flying, Kevin is wowed by personalized gift wrappers, and Barbara invests in zipper gloves. READ MORE

Wild Ride, the Shark Tank Recap

Shark Tank Kevin O'Leary

An electric skateboard takes Kevin for a ride, Lori's investment pays off, pet food and chewable caffeine don't attract an investor, but a French cooking method does. READ MORE

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