The Shark Tank How To: Let Math Get the Better of You

Shark Tank Lisa Binderow

What happens when someone grows up thinking they don't need math in their lives?  They walk out of the Shark Tank without a deal. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Circumvent Nature and Figure Out a Way to Groom Your Cat with Your Tongue

Shark Tank Jason and Tara O'Mara

Just because nature doesn't want us to do something, doesn't mean we can't.  All one needs is a little bit of boredom and a whole lot of ingenuity and the next thing you know, you're licking your kitten. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Wind Up on Santa’s Naughty List

Shark Tank Santa and Sarah Blain

Kevin does not wind up on Santa's nice list and continues to dig a deeper hole for himself. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Tame Some Savage Sharks

What does one do when one is surrounded by sharks?  Thanks to the founders of Pupbox, we now know how to tame an entire school of sharks. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Make Tuna Safer

Shark Tank Safe Catch

Mercury is dangerous.  So what is it doing in our fish?  Well, we put it there as anthropogenic (30%) and re-emission (60% of which most is anthropogenic) mercury makes up 90% of the mercury found in fish.  So how do we make our fish safer.  It's quite easy really. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Make Hundreds of Thousands by Doing Nothing

Shark Tank Potato Parcel

Who says there are no opportunities in this country anymore?  Two young enterprising men prove to us that suckers are born every minute.  With just a potato and a marker, you too could be living on easy street. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Brighten Up Your Future (at Night)

Shark Tank Night Runner 270

Coming up with brilliant new ideas can be overwhelming.  Sometimes the "best" ideas come from falling flat on your face and knocking some "sense" into your noggin. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Dress for Success for Pennies on the Dollar

Shark Tank Robert Herjavec

We all have special events in our lives that require us to dress in a special way, but sometimes you're just either short on cash or you just don't feel like shelling out some money to look a certain way.  Well, have no fear, because thanks to the genius minds at The Lapel Project, you can now keep more money in your pocket. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Warm Up the Contents of Your Cooler

Shark Tank IcyBreeze

The last thing anyone wants to think about are the horrific conditions the stuff in your cooler have to put up with.  It's cold, it's dark, and anytime it gets just a little warm, somebody slams the door shut.  That is why a man that founded a multi-million dollar company has set out to solve this problem. READ MORE

The Shark Tank How To: Invest in Uber

Shark Tank Chris Sacca

Every now and then we have the great fortune in investing in a company that really takes off.  But where to we go from there?  Thanks to wise Uber investor, Chris Sacca, we now know what to do should such great fortune meet us. READ MORE