The MasterChef How To: Sell Your State Short

MasterChef Gordon Ramsay

All season long we heard about everything that Kentucky does not have.  Who sells their state short in such a way?  Who cares?  We're all about positive thinking so here are all the great things you would never have without Kentucky. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Know You’re in Kentucky

MasterChef Brandi Mudd

Kentucky is a mythical place that only a select few of us will have the fortune to set foot in.  But in case you're ever wondering if you're in Kentucky, just take a look around and if you spot any of the things below you're in luck! READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Make Bibimbap

MasterChef bibimbap

Making this classic Korean dish is pretty straightforward if you follow the rules: rice, vegetables, chili paste, soy sauce, fried egg, and some meat.  There is no need to mix it up with anything else as there is plenty to mix into this dish already.  But just in case, let us look at some of the things to avoid doing when making your own bibimbap.  America's "greatest" home cooks show us the way. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Make a Great Birthday Cake

MasterChef Shaun O'Neale

Birthdays are supposed to be a celebration, so you never want to be the person that brings everyone's mood down because you baked a horrible birthday cake.  Thankfully, America's "greatest" home cooks took up the challenge recently and now we now what it takes to make the perfect cake. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Fry Some Chicken

MasterChef Tanorria Askew

America's "greatest" home cooks show us how to dismember and coat a bird. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Avoid Disaster when You Flambé

MasterChef Nathan Barnhouse

Apparently one has to be more than just one of America's "greatest" home cooks to properly flambĂ© a dish.  This week, our culinary heroes show us what not to do to avoid disaster. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Burn Some Orzo and Survive Elimination from a Cooking Competition

MasterChef D'Andre's orzo

What does it take to be crowned the nation's greatest home cook?  Maybe it has nothing to do with food at all?  Maybe it's all about what's protecting your soles?  D'Andre teaches us the inner workings of the nefarious world of cooking competitions. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Make a Decent Potato Dish

MasterChef Andrea and Gordon

America's "greatest" home cooks gather round the kitchen to show us how amazing a potato dish can be.  Unfortunately they didn't really show us any of the amazing dishes, but that's neither here nor there when we're talking about a cooking competition. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Edit Your Meals

MasterChef Christina Tosi

A meal is nothing more than a story and a cook nothing more than a novelist.  One must know how to keep the diner engaged from beginning to end.  This is why Christina Tosi, renowned master chef of the baking variety has put so much effort on getting us to cook right.  And as she is a baker, and dessert usually comes at the end of a meal, her foods are the conclusion to any piece of literature, so what she says goes.  Below, Christina's tips on cooking like a Nobel laureate. READ MORE

The MasterChef How To: Serve a Schooling to Someone Smug

MasterChef Brandi and Samson

What do you do when you come across someone who relishes in pomposity and you have to take him on one on one?  Brandi, a humble schoolmarm from Kentucky, showed us all how to humble the highfaluting and have him deliver the sauciest facial expressions at the same time. READ MORE

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