The Big Brother Recap: Twin Versus Twin

Big Brother Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan

Jeff is evicted and Shelli and Liz become heads of household. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Liz’s Fluctuating Weight

Big Brother Julia and Liz

Da'Vonne is evicted and Vanessa and Austin go to work on evicting Jeff next. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Audrey and Da’Vonne Get It On

Big Brother Audrey and Da'Vonne

Jace gets backdoored and Shelli becomes the new HoH keeping Audrey safe against the wishes of the house. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Twisted Sister

Big Brother houseguests

A new season of Big Brother has begun, and already within one week alliances have formed and shattered.  Rivalries have been set.  And not a single person has been evicted yet.  This year's houseguests are bringing the drama hard! READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Toady’s Third Place Finish

Big Brother Cody Calafiore

Finally, this dreaded season comes to an end, with a dim-witted man choosing someone that would clearly beat him to take to the finals.  Toady really lived up to his moniker this season by doing everything he could to get Derrick to win.  Congratulations Toady!  And Derrick I suppose.  Oh, and Saint Donny as well, for by winning America's favorite player, along with his Team America winnings, wound up winning more money than Toady.  So congratulations to you too, Saint Donny. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Take Me to the Final Two

Big Brother Victoria and Derrick

With one episode left, the three remaining house guests discuss the season that was. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Step Back Julie, It’s Caleb Time

Big Brother Caleb Reynolds

One week away from the coronation of the Big Brother champion, Caleb gets sent home.  But he refuses to go out without a bang.  He steals Julie's camera time and hams it up for the crowd as he leaves Victoria and the Hitmen to battle it out for the top spot. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Frankie’s Fall

Big Brother Frankie Grande

Another eviction as we head to the finale.  Former head of household Frankie falls all the way from being at the top of the totem pole to the bottom in less than one week, and is evicted. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: The Jury’s Mess

Big Brother luxury competition

CBS executives have realized that the remaining house guests are too dull for TV.  So for the third episode in a row, other people are brought into the house to entertain us.  This episode we were graced with the jurors tearing up a freshly cleaned house.  One of them even walked away with a bit of cash in his pocket. READ MORE

The Big Brother Recap: Zach in the Hat

Big Brother Dan Gheesling

Finally, the television executives of Big Brother realized that all we want to see is anyone but the five finalists.  So they give us the jurors and Dan Gheesling instead.  Can this season end any sooner? READ MORE

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