The Big Brother How To: Lose Your Mind on National Television

Big Brother Paulie Calafiore

Thanks to the antics of sixteen absolutely normal Americans being locked up inside a house all summer, we now know what it takes to lose your mind on national television.  Part of it has to do with being somewhat delusional before you go on television in the first place. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Pursue Happiness and Still Have a Conscience

Big Brother Michelle Meyer

The Big Brother house shows us all the full range of emotions when dealing with a variety of personalities.  But how can one pursue happiness in such a crazy environment while still maintaining a conscience?  We turn to Michelle who knows happiness unlike any other and has a total understanding of the complexities of the emotion.  Remember, just because you're crying, doesn't mean you're not happy. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Not Puke on National Television

Big Brother Michelle Meyer

Nobody wants to be seen regurgitating their food in public, let alone on national television.  So what is the secret that keeps countless of people from doing so? READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Come Up with the Most Ridiculous Alliance Name

Big Brother Paul, Paulie, Bridgette

Alliance names are important, just ask NATO, the Axis of Evil, and the Superfriends.  Getting the right alliance name will guarantee that you have the respect of those around you.  But get it wrong, and you will be the laughing stock of the world.  But it's no easy task, and that is why we turn to the two great marketing minds of Paul and Paulie who show us how to do it right. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Not Succumb to Peer Pressure While in a Position of Power

Big Brother James Huling

Having a backbone is important.  Being able to make your own decisions when it is expected of you is a very important responsibility.  Make sure you never allow others to make you do things that benefit them and not you.  Be your own person at all times.  Thanks to James winning the head of household, we now know what not to do when you obtain power. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Form an Alliance with Your Arch-Nemesis

Big Brother Frank, Bridgette, Tiffany

One minute you think someone is out to get you, the next you discover it was your closest ally that was seeding these thoughts in your rival.  What do you do now?  Thanks to Frank and Tiffany, we now know how to team up with someone you swore to take out on national television and work with him to confront what you believed to be your closest ally.  The best part about this is that said ally did everything in her power to make this happen. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Be a Puppet Master

Big Brother Frank and Bridgette

Controlling the actions of people in power can be hard work.  But if done right, one could fly under the radar for a long time.  However, as Frank has shown us, running the show from behind the scenes can lead to hubris and to one's eventual downfall.  Maybe he should have had Bridgette make some unsavory statements on his behalf or have her touch people where they don't want to be touched. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Add to Eighteen

Big Brother Tiffany Rousso

Math is hard, especially in the age of common core.  I mean drawing all those boxes has got to take its toll.  So we turn to America's greatest minds trapped in a house for a summer to figure out how to deal with the complicated task of adding.  Where would we be without them? READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Outwit a Poker Player

Big Brother Steve and Vanessa

Vanessa may have had a poker face but that is no match for someone who doesn't get social cues and quite frankly doesn't give them off either.  The poker player met her match in Steve, so let us see what the secret is to beating a poker player in their own game. READ MORE

The Big Brother How To: Get Someone to Not Trust You

Big Brother Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa may have dominated the game with her erratic moves, interrogations, and deals, but all of that has put seeds of doubt in Steve's head.  She may have made it this far, but will she be able to make it to the end? READ MORE

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