Parliament Prepares for Elections

In the final Prime Minister's Questions before the election on June 8, the parliamentarians campaigned for the upcoming election, allowed members of parliament who were stepping down to have their say, and went on with the usual business of asking questions on a variety of topics.  These included the economy, education, pensions, the National Health Service, infrastructure, privatizations, the steel industry, green belts, jobs, the exit from the European Union, gambling, and antisemitism.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Parliament Approves Snap Elections

The upcoming elections dominated discussion just before the House approved them.  Also debated were whether or not there will be debates, the debt, the deficit, education, the National Health Service, infrastructure, housing, job security, the economy, sanitation, and defense spending.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The United Kingdom Files for Divorce from Europe

The exit from the European Union dominated discussion and roused the House.  Other topics discussed this week included education, the terror attack at Westminster last week, the police force, the United Kingdom's commitment to NATO, taxes, social care, sacrifices made by munitions workers, funeral fees, cancer research, and extremist content on social media.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Terror at Westminster

Just moments before terror struck Westminster, the parliamentarians held a typical session in which topics discussed included the National Health Service, the exit from the EU, education, transportation, veterans, Lyme disease, tobacco, infrastructure, renovations to the Palace of Westminster (the building that houses parliament), pollution, electoral fraud, trade, housing, wages, and salaries of government officials.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn Debate Chaos Theory

This week's session was very lively with the House erupting whenever issues like taxes or Scotland's place in the United Kingdom came up (which occurred quite frequently).  Other topics discussed included the budget, self-employment, education, social care, income inequality, the exit from the EU, the National Health Service, pensions, religious freedom, trade, jobs, crime, international aid, and cancer research.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Wooing Women on International Women’s Day

In a rather lively session in which the parliamentarians celebrated International Women's Day, the two leading parties tumbled over each other to show which was the party that held women in a higher regard.  Other topics discussed included domestic violence, social care, local taxes (business rates), schools, strokes, immigration, terror, vaccines, the economy, apprenticeships, investment, veterans, mental health, childcare, pollution, devolution, and broadband internet access.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The Speaker’s Showers

Theresa May was in a jovial mood this week as parliamentarians discussed leaving the EU, the passing of a parliamentarian, mental health, a recent by-election, scientific innovation, ticket scalping, education, alcohol consumption, anti-Semitism on campuses, money laundering and public-private partnerships, taxation, transportation infrastructure, maternity services, housing, pharmacies, slavery, pollution, and job security.  Best bits below. READ MORE

The National Health Sermon

In a rather subdued session, parliamentarians discussed the National Health Service, education, a tribute to an assassinated parliamentarian, domestic violence, parkland, alcoholism, treatment of veterans, housing, vaccines, local governance, Thailand's and the Ukraine's criminal justice systems, trade, marriage, medical research, social benefits, taxation, and soccer.  Best bits below. READ MORE

For and Against Filibustering

In a calm session, the parliamentarians discussed education, veterans, the National Health Service, social care, mental health, the exit from the EU, housing, agriculture, Russia's position on domestic violence, medication, child abuse, crime, energy, infrastructure, and Israeli-Palestinian relations.  Best bits below. READ MORE

Reading Material for Parliamentarians

Theresa May addressed questions about her visit to the United States as well as on the National Health Service, Trump's policies, a bill to pardon people with same sex offenses, the border with Ireland, the exit from the EU, pensions, rail, Turkey, NATO, pollution, education, issuance of a knighthood, flooding, nuclear power, health concerns, the hijab, and Pakistan.  Best bits below. READ MORE

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