Nathan James, "What I Believe"

Nathan James ~ What I Believe (official music video) from @spenceraudio (Kevin Spencer) on Vimeo.

Driving down a country road
a man and his guitar take a walk

among the trees, the shrubs, and the asphalt
the sand's so quick it will eat one whole READ MORE

Grace Blue, "Our Eyes"

Grace Blue - Our Eyes from Master Film on Vimeo.

A man
and his hatchet

in the country
by his cottage READ MORE

Grand Yellow, "On My Way"

Grand Yellow, "On My Way" from Akatre on Vimeo.

and curves

in a world of polyhedrons
and gray READ MORE

Double Denim, "Paperman"

Double Denim - Paperman (Official Music Video) from Red Five Films on Vimeo.

Static on the screen.  The reception's not so clear.

The wall's got graffiti.  The songstress wants your ear. READ MORE

Julee Cruise, "Into the Night"

Into the night.  Away from the light.

A blast so bright.  A blast full of might. READ MORE

Krzysztof Penderecki, "Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima"

A blast.  A blast that lasts.

Sand is soon glassed.  Glassed, with all the thermonuclear power amassed. READ MORE

Santo and Johnny, "Sleep Walk"

Long, long ago.  Before the time of the polychrome.

Music was much more slow.  And the town of Twin Peaks hid more than we know. READ MORE

Booker T and the MGs, "Green Onions"

It was a different time.  The music was a bit more sublime.

Like a confusing storyline.  The town of Twin Peaks is riddled with crime. READ MORE

Julee Cruse, "Falling"

A melancholy melody.  The songstress sings heavenly.

Slowly, smoothly, she sings.  Her sounds come forth portentously. READ MORE

Johnny Jewel, "Windswept"

Jazzy music on a rainy night.  Storm clouds brew above with electric light.

A deck of cards takes flight.  While gamblers flock to casinos in hopes of delight. READ MORE

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