Mr. Asbo, "Mango Boy"

Mango Boy - full colors from MonoScope on Vimeo.

A door, ajar.  Light enters, from afar.

A window, and blinds.  A woman, color.


Peter, Bjorn, and John, "Breaking Point"

Peter Bjorn and John - Breaking Point from Kajetan Plis on Vimeo.

A man is lost in his thoughts.  He changes modes.

He exits the car and enters the boat.  There he meets the creature with the unusual coat.


YeYe, "Ate a Lemon"

YeYe - ate a lemon from Eisuke Shirota on Vimeo.

Time.  It's a relative concept you know.  But one that only moves from the hence to the forth.  Time doesn't bother moving towards the yore.

A lemon, on the table, she rolls.  The lemon, off the table, it falls.


Eloisa Manera, "Strummula"

Eloisa Manera | Strummula from ALMENDRA MUSIC on Vimeo.

Staccato strings.  Violins.

A lady in red roams the forest.  Her music discerning, the woods, quite disturbing.


Zig Zag, "Cut Me Short"

Zig Zag - Cut Me Short from BLACKANIMALS on Vimeo.

A woman alone, dances in place.  The men are many with face after face.

This is belated new wave.  In South America, this is the craze.


Plaid, "Do Matter"

Plaid • Do Matter (Official Video) from Warp Records on Vimeo.

A polyhedral object in the sky.

Fly, fly, fly.  Divide and multiply.  Then glide.


Jill McCracken, "Hideout"

Jill McCracken - Hideout from Asa Greenberg on Vimeo.

A three day weekend kicks off summer and while most people might be heading to the beach, there are some that will head to a cabin in the woods.  It's Friday and that means it's time for the Friday afternoon cheerful tunes video in which we welcome the weekend with the happiest of all music videos!


William Doig, "Where I Wanna Be"

Where I wanna be by William Doig from WILLIAM DOIG on Vimeo.

In the old country full of canyons and full of valleys.

In the old country where men had grit and men had valor.


Louis the Child Featuring K. Flay, "It’s Strange"

Louis The Child - It's Strange feat. K.Flay (Official Video) from Steven Mertens on Vimeo.

Television is static.  Yet so dramatic.

It makes your life oh so cosmic.  Multiply the sets and the journey is tragic.

A stroll through the streets of New York.  There's a swagger in the way that she walks.

But she'll never match the strut of a horse.  In the country, it has its own course.


Me and My Drummer, "Blue Splinter View"

Me And My Drummer - Blue Splinter View (official video) from Sinnbus on Vimeo.

Alone against the starry sky.  The cosmic dust slides on by.

Tonight, the girl sings of life.


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