The Secret to Good Cement, the This Old House Picture Book

This Old House Tom and Kevin
"This roof has to go." READ MORE

The Elusive God Particle, the NOVA Picture Book

NOVA Switzerland
Somewhere in Switzerland . . . READ MORE

The History of Colonials, the This Old House Picture Book

This Old House Kevin O'Connor
"Welcome to Lexington, Massachusetts." READ MORE

French Fauna Frolic Freely, the Nature Classic Moments

Nature lightning

Nature decided that we've had enough of American wilderness, so the people at PBS took a trip to France and noticed that there's more to this country than eternal existentialism, cigarettes, bidets, and sidewalk cafés.  France actually has a wilderness.  But not surprisingly, these animals embrace the French way of life. READ MORE

Surveillance and Corruption

Watch Big Brother’s Prying Eyes on PBS. See more from Moyers & Company.

Two guys sit around a table.  They speak about surveillance.  They are watched.  They are heard.  Their conversation is recorded.  A conversation on recording recorded.


Tornadoes Will Keep Killing Us Because We Fear Terror

Watch Oklahoma's Deadliest Tornadoes on PBS. See more from NOVA.

We have yet to learn so much about tornadoes, but it says quite a bit about our culture that millions are invested in surveillance of the citizenry rather than figuring out how natural disasters work.  Just to compare, Boston Bombers: 5 dead; the Moore tornado: 24 dead.  Yet 10,000 cops are sent out to find a kid and the scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are told to make due with what they have.


Technology Will Not Save Us All

Watch Manhunt—Boston Bombers on PBS. See more from NOVA.

In the old days when we dinosaurs roamed the earth, detectives used to do investigative work, and PBS used to have fascinating science documentaries.  But in our contemporary age, police can essentially be button pushers as computers multi-million dollar technologies do all the work.  And PBS has turned its preeminent science series into a commercial for technology companies.


Seven Practical Tips for Zebras

Watch Great Zebra Exodus on PBS. See more from Nature.

This week's episode of "Nature" titled "Great Zebra Exodus" focused on the life of the zebra.  Zebras have a lot of societal issues.  It may be due to the unfortunate socioeconomic conditions into which they are born.  However, with a few minor changes, zebras can enjoy the same standard of living, we in the developed world have come to take for granted.


Annie Oakley and her Guns

Watch Annie Oakley on PBS. See more from American Experience.

1865.  A father dies in the winter.  A young girl, without a farm.  At the ripe old age of five.  Destitute.  Sent to the poor farm.  Sent to the wolves.  The wolves.  The wolves.

The slavery of poverty.  Physical abuse.  Annie.  No not of tomorrow fame.  Annie Oakley.  Annie Moses.


The Germans and the Others

Watch Never Forget to Lie on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

This week's "Frontline" featured a documentary titled "Never forget to Lie."  The lie, telling people that you are Christian.  A documentary of young Jews whose parents did whatever they could to save them, including giving them away to orphanages and crossing them across borders without knowing what their fate would be.  Some of the quotes were pretty chilling, and it is interesting to contrast with the German approach to the peripheral European countries today where we hear stories of families dropping their children off at hospitals because they cannot afford to feed them.  All because of an artificial recession manufactured by the German Central Bank.  The peripheral countries managed to maintain a standard of living similar to Germany using inflation for decades before they joined the euro, but the Germans will have none of it, and in a smaller way are kind of repeating some of the mistakes they made in the middle of the previous century.  Below, the quote that was the most chilling from a Catholic Polish lady.


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