‘Twas the Day After Christmas, and the Bombs Came Back

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Mission accomplished?
Well, maybe not
for here we are
once again in Iraq

Edward Snowden speaks
and what he says is this
asking is better than spying
so end the data mining

The state of Egypt declares
the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
that is one way to win
elections hand over fist

In the nation of Turkey
Three ministers resign
and demand Erdogan
do as well in kind

All the Christians flee
from the lands of the Middle East
leaving no one behind
of the Bible kind

Russia drops all charges
against the thirty of the Arctic
now Greenpeace is free
and the Olympics can take place in Sochi

UPS and FedEx
are no replacements for
a jolly man in red
for that, one has to go with USPS

And the Pope reaches out
to the world's atheists
hoping to increase his clout
even where it would be extraneous



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December 26th, 2013  8:40 PM

A haiku:

In the Middle East
All the Christians run and hide
Christmas is not fine