Sally Seltmann, "Billy"

Sally Seltmann - Billy from Sally Seltmann on Vimeo.

In a land far away
Down under, is what they say

Enlightenment thinkers are displayed
and Sally sings in front of her plate

Red wine in a glass
The scene changes so fast

From dinner to breakfast
From present to times past

A rotary phone on the counter
She stands in front of her mirror

Dancing in the garden

with her clones

and reading

while singing

A close-up

Back to the clones
Dancing in white clothes

There are so many more
Now at the bar

And everyplace else
She sings to this guy

Let's call him Billy
she wants him to feel

Like a man
Like a man

That clone dance
has me in a trance

Like a man
Says Seltmann

Wind on a curtain


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