The Pastels, "Kicking Leaves"

Red is the color of dread.  Green leaves float above your head.  They, cannot be kicked.  It is an autumnal privilege, when the trees decide to strip.

Yellow, and red, and orange.  These are the colors of autumn.

The camera is shaky.  The weather, quite flaky.  The visuals, wonderful, yet achy.  The naked trees are not as shady.

Silhouettes.  Nature sets.

In the park, leaves take a stroll.  As the wind takes control.

A red blotch against white.  A couple in front of reflected sunlight.

On the stage, a band.  On the stage, they all jam.

Leaves, leaves, leaves.  Birds flap their wings.  They fly among the leaves.  Multiple exposures, with each other they bleed.

From red to the gray, the black, and the white.  Autumn leaves, as winter arrives.


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