Laura Marling Discovers the Devil’s Resting Place

Trees.  I look up at these.  A young woman wanders through the forest.  Her face looks determined.

A pause.

She stares at the sky.

Scene.  In the bathtub she seems so serene.  Water on her shoulder.  The camera pans through the forest.  His reflection in the pond seems so horrid.

She walks forward.  A frown on her face.  He stands waiting.  Gazing.  Her dance, so demonic.  The white dress seems so ironic.

Possessed of some power.  He starts to move forward.  She stands in front of the place of the fire.  The bells signal his coming.

Dance, dance, dance the demonic dance.  He moves forward donning black pants.  They face each other.  Dancer and demon.  Embrace.  She levitates with such grace.  This is or is not the demon's place.