A Tale of Two Cities Indeed

Every weekday we bring you Live at Five in Five, a series that highlights the most noteworthy events of the day in our fair City in five paragraphs, sentences, words, or letters.

Bill de Blasio may just have a heart attack when he realizes how "a tale of two cities" this city really is.  While you poor people are stuck in the subways the rich keep getting newer forms of transportation.

To wit, a Maserati dealership is opening up in Manhattan.  How is that Metrocard working out for you?

Think you can go and play some tennis to relieve the stress?  Think again.  The mayor doubled the fees.  That is an even bigger increase than your rent.

That is fine though, because those rich people can throw away their money on elections.  Either that, or they are buying up policy to help them get even richer.

Do not worry though, because even the rich have their problems too.


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