De Blasio and Lhota Head for the Polls

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The progressive and the libertarian
the match is set

or is it yet?
That Thompson man

he still thinks he can
knock the tall man down

No more dick jokes
No more clowns

The lady from downtown
did not make it past the first round

when you dance with the devil
you better be standing on some sound ground

The cat man
is now an also ran

with several million less
in his pocket to invest

So now we wait
a runoff or straight to the gates

The count of votes
will decide who gloats



Profile photo of The Livid LibrarianThe Livid Librarian
September 11th, 2013  9:56 AM

It’s so typical of the Times to credit the de Blasio win on luck.

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
September 11th, 2013  10:39 AM

De Blasio wins
Hurray for de Blasio
New Yorkers rejoice!