The Jokes Are In

Last week we thought that we had seen it all.  But this campaign continues to hit new lows.  Two major feuds have emerged over the past several weeks.  Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn have been going at each other ferociously.  Why Christine, who is leading the polls, is doing this is anyone's guess.  But the other feud erupted to name calling and almost broke out into a fight between George McDonald and Anthony Weiner.  The Daily News asked the candidates to deliver their best jokes but did not ask the only comedian in the field, Randy Credico.  What the hell, Daily News?  Jimmy McMillan offered his pimping services to Anthony Weiner, and also endorsed him for mayor even though McMillan is running himself.  Bill de Blasio showed us his Spanish speaking skills.  I also added Jack Hidary, the tech entrepreneur that joined the race a couple of weeks ago, as it seems he is getting some media attention as well.  Welcome aboard the wackiest mayoral race Jack.  Also, the Green Party candidate, Tony Gronowicz, was arrested for refusing to leave a mayoral forum he had every right to speak at.  Oh well.  This week's installment of the "New York City Mayoral Candidates Power Standings (or something like that)" sees Christine Quinn dropping to second place while Bill de Blasio takes the lead.  Down in joke candidate territory, Anthony Weiner tumbles below Joe Lhota and ties Erick Salgado.  Talk about going limp.  Jack Hidary, our newcomer, places seventh, just below John Catsimatidis.  Below, this week's highlights and rankings.

Bill de BlasioBill de Blasio

Christine QuinnChristine Quinn

John LiuJohn Liu

Bill ThompsonBill Thompson

George McDonaldGeorge McDonald

John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis

Jack HidaryJack Hidary

Sal AlbaneseSal Albanese

Joe LhotaJoe Lhota

Erick SalgadoErick Salgado

Anthony WeinerAnthony Weiner

Question markAdolfo CarriĆ³n

Randy CredicoRandy Credico

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -696.

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg

Jimmy McMillanJimmy McMillan

  • Endorsed another candidateMinus 100.
  • Also offered pimping services.  Minus 100.
  • "He can put a hat on a dildo and call himself 'Carlos Danger.'  Everyone will get it for someone just as a gift.  He can make a billion dollars out of that in one month."  Plus 200.
  • Kisses a weathermanPlus 200.
  • This week's total: 200.
  • Cumulative total: -900.

Sal Albanese image courtesy of Heather Martino.
Bill de Blasio image courtesy of Henry Gass.
Michael Bloomberg image courtesy of Dean Meyers.
Jack Hidary image courtesy of Robert Scoble.
Joe Lhota image courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.
John Liu image courtesy of A Abreu.
Jimmy McMillan image courtesy of David Shankbone.
Christine Quinn image courtesy of Boss Tweed.
Erick Salgado image courtesy of JacobNY.
Bill Thompson image courtesy of Edwin Martinez.
Anthony Weiner image courtesy of istolethetv.
Question mark image courtesy of William Brawley.


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