Planet of the Bears

While the most slothful species on the planet, homo Americanus, cannot even bother with taking out the trash, the bears have taken to taking our trash and making quite a profit off of it.  Sanitation bear, seen above, was later spotted selling jam and honey to the local population of Ursidae.

It will not be long before the bears discover our video cameras, figure out how to disconnect them so that they will show "no video" and continue to profit from our throwaway culture.  What?  They already have?  Here is the same bear having tampered with our video communications and developed computer animations so that we may feel smug that the bear did not take our trash.  In reality the bear took the trash and had set up a bear cam to watch us idiot humans try to figure out how the trash is still there on camera, but not there in reality.  Planet of the apes, my ass.


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