The Love Group

The panel discussed Egypt, Edward Snowden, and trade talks with China.  The panelists seemed to enjoy egging each other on this week.

The first sentence is spot on.  Morsi attempted so many power grabs.  Elections are only one part of a democracy, and the path Morsi was on, it was questionable whether elections would ever occur again.

True love.

Even more love.  What were these guys drinking this week?

Nice points by Susan.  Have a bad joke by Mort as well.

The session of love continues.

Fear sells books.

Mort Zuckerman previously predicted that, "The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has managed to displace the one alternative power source which is the military.  We are going to see a very big transformation in the government of Egypt."  He was wrong.  He drops two spots in the rankings past Susan Ferrechio and Rich Lowry.

Panelist Prediction Correct Wrong Partially Right Not Yet Proven Percent Correct
Ryan Grim 2 0 0 1 100
Michelle Bernard 1 0 0 3 100
Paul Glastris 2 1 1 1 62.50
Tim Carney 2 1 3 1 58.33
Pat Buchanan Amnesty or path to citizenship will not get out of the House this session or the Congress. 7 5 4 17 56.25
John McLaughlin Oliver Stone's essay on how President Obama is creating a dystopia marks the beginning of the end of Hollywood's infatuation with the Obamas. 7 5 7 23 55.26
Eleanor Clift Republican only farm bill that strips money from food stamps is dead on arrival in the US Senate. 9 7 4 20 55
Susan Ferrechio The House will pass a bill that offers citizenship to people brought here lawfully as children. 4 4 2 8 50
Rich Lowry 0 0 2 4 50
Mort Zuckerman The economy is weak enough and particularly the employment is weak enough that the Federal Reserve Board is going to continue quantitative easing in one form or another for years to come. 5 6 4 24 46.67
Clarence Page 1 2 5 3 43.75
David Rennie 0 0 0 2 0


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