Parliamentarians Beat by the Heat

I used to complain about how dull and boring a Questions Time would be here in the United States.  But the more I watch these, the less wit I see.  So today's session would be a good preview of what to expect if we ever do implement a Questions Time in the US.  Not much.  Does London have a heat wave this week as well?

Ed Miliband and David Cameron kick things off with a simple question and a quick deflection.

Every time we feel bad about the state of our politicians here in the US, just take a look at those petty people showing one finger to David.  Wow.

What the hell?  They are gloating about building a nuclear power plant?  What is this?  1945?

David does not seem to get what the point of Prime Minister's Questions is.  It is questions to the Prime Minister, not questions from the Prime Minister.

Ed calls him out on it.  If David does not want to be the Prime Minister, maybe he should give up the job.

And these two guys end it the same way they start it.  Ed answers his own questions because he is incapable of forming a question in a way that forces David to answer it.  David then deflects.  What a circus.


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