Millionaires Really Hate Subways

I knocked the commenting system out a couple of times this week.  Thanks for not giving me too much grief about it.  I guess you are all used to it by now.  I promise to stop tinkering around with code and leave it to the experts.  Anyway, your comments of the week below.

WilltheDill wondered:

Is nobody else concerned with the vandalism in this video?

Sultry Sultana on the censorship of cursive:

Haha.  All those documents written in cursive, rendered worthless for the ages.

Flossy on Mort Zuckerman's use of foul language to describe the subway:

Wait, Mort takes the subway?


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Profile photo of Sultry SultanaSultry Sultana
June 21st, 2013  7:26 PM

Now all you guys have to do is start using cursive on this site and then charge for translations.