Surveillance and Corruption

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Two guys sit around a table.  They speak about surveillance.  They are watched.  They are heard.  Their conversation is recorded.  A conversation on recording recorded.

They mention the books that served as blueprints.  1984, Brave New World.  Without them would we be spied on?

Lawyers and coders sitting together.  Wondering whether an algorithm could be made better.

Advertisers collecting your data.  These two guys accept it.  "It sends me what I want to purchase."  A society that only purchases that which is marketed.

What are the whistleblower's motives, they ask.  The question, what is the government's motive is not even considered.

Americans do not care, they say.  Imagine Thomas Paine living in our contemporary world.  A warrant would be out for his head.  The concept of "America" is dead.

Larry Lessig warned us in 1998.  1984, 1998, 2013, who even knows anymore.  Bow down to the state.

Technology is not new.  The binocular, the telescope, the cups and the string.  Why is this one any different from these?

The revolving door between corporation and the state.  This is not about security.  This is not about keeping you safe.  The pigs are at the trough, and whoever exposes their wrongdoings should be sent away.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans agree that the system is corrupt.  Yet neither is willing to kill the lobby machine.


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Profile photo of Debbie MyersDebbie Myers
June 21st, 2013  8:55 AM

Nice succinct way of pointing out what is wrong with our system.