The Trouble with Spouses

Cooking, dining, and advice magazine has a wedding advice column, so I will also be offering up an alternative answer to Peggy Post's "Well-Mannered Wedding" column.  This week Peggy offers advice on spouses attending weddings.  How ironic?

If Anything, an Invitation to Talk

I recently received a wedding invitation for myself but not my spouse.  We have been married for 25 years.  I have known the bride since she was born.  She is my best friend’s daughter.

Do you think this is proper?  I am very hurt by this.

Please help.


Oh get over yourself.  Just bring along your spouse and there will be tons of fun to be had (either in a good or a bad way).  Or since this is your best friend, just ask her.  I seriously wonder if she is your best friend if asking her was not your first reaction.

Maintain Your Inclusive List

We are having a small wedding, inviting only 70 people.  We sent save-the-date cards six months before the wedding.

We are not particularly close with one couple, my fiancé’s fraternity brother, but decided to send them a save the date/invite them anyway because we were invited to their wedding.  A month later we received an e-mail announcing that Bruce will now be living his life as Betty.  He and his wife have since separated.

Because we sent a save-the-date I know that etiquette says we need to invite Bruce/Betty.  Betty is clearly a man dressing as a woman and with such a small wedding Betty will stick out.  My fiancé’s family is very religious and will not approve of Betty, which I’m afraid could cause a scene.  Should we still invite Betty?  What about his wife?


Yes.  Please place a camera on Betty and upload people's reactions to the internet.


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