The United Kingdom of a Single Party

A rather dull set of questions this week, and quite frankly it does not even matter, because David Cameron can deflect any question asked at him.  And the Labour Party makes it so easy for him because when they were in power, like our Democrats, they would behave as if they were Conservatives.

Answer in the affirmative, then deny by stating that further research is needed, and finally just ramble on for a minute.  David Cameron is one professional politician.

Note the absence of a yes.  How does one learn how to be so elusive in their answers?

Well, Ed Miliband clarifies that he understands the liquid nature of David's answer.  He also catches the shadow minister (equivalent to our Treasure Secretary) giving advice to David.  But David responds by telling Labour that they are the same.  The single party state.  And the Tories are fine pointing it out because both parties, when in power, implement the Tories' positions.  Remind you of a certain party over on our side of the pond?

And Ed avoids stating that he was in a position of power when the bankers got away with criminal activity, but rather just points out that so was David.  Lovely.  It does seem based on David's answer as if someone in Labour is leaking him Ed's questions ahead of time.

And in this next round neither man says that he is better, but rather, the other guy is worse.

And this is what happens when the so called left party abandons its platform and mimics the right.

And the session ended with our favorite parliamentarian, Dennis Skinner, pointing out some fraud in one David Cameron.


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