Weiner’s Tossed Salad

Weiner salad

Another slow week in the mayoral campaign.  The week's highlights included a whole bunch of endorsements from unions and local politicians, Christine Quinn's inability to sell any books, and a New York Times article on an angry Anthony Weiner tossing a salad.  This week's installment of the "New York City Mayoral Candidates Power Standings (or something like that)" sees Anthony Weiner holding on to the top spot.  Bill de Blasio rises one position surpassing George McDonald.  Bloomberg drops several spots, while Joe Lhota surpasses Randy Credico.  At the bottom of the race, Erick Salgado moves up a spot past Adolfo Carrión.  All of last week's greatest moments are recorded and tallied up to see who really leads in the race to be crowned King (or Queen) of New York.  We will also be incorporating some of your recommended point allocations from the previous week.

Anthony WeinerAnthony Weiner

John LiuJohn Liu

Bill ThompsonBill Thompson

Christine QuinnChristine Quinn

John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis

  • Tosses some chump change around.  Plus 5.
  • Receives praise of Donald TrumpMinus 100.
  • Proposes a monorailPlus 100.
  • This week's total: 5.
  • Cumulative total: 167.

Bill de BlasioBill de Blasio

  • Bickering at mayoral forumMinus 25.
  • Advocated for rent freezePlus 5.
  • Picks up a couple of endorsementsPlus 20.
  • From people no one has heard of.  Minus 25.
  • Also, James SandersPlus 10.
  • Again, who?  Minus 10.
  • This week's total: -25.
  • Cumulative total: 0.

George McDonaldGeorge McDonald

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -12.

Joe LhotaJoe Lhota

  • Attacked by Weiner over city control of MTAMinus 10.
  • Picks up Michael Grimm's endorsementPlus 10.
  • This week's total: 0.
  • Cumulative total: -282.

Randy CredicoRandy Credico

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -285.

Sal AlbaneseSal Albanese

  • Bickering at mayoral forumMinus 25.
  • This week's total: -25.
  • Cumulative total: -330.

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg

Erick SalgadoErick Salgado

  • Delivers fiery performance at mayoral forum.  Plus 50.
  • This week's total: 50.
  • Cumulative total: -450.

Question markAdolfo Carrión

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -550.

Jimmy McMillanJimmy McMillan

  • No news all week.  Minus 50.
  • This week's total: -50.
  • Cumulative total: -1,040.

Salad image courtesy of Marc-Anthony Macon.
Sal Albanese image courtesy of Heather Martino.
Bill de Blasio image courtesy of Henry Gass.
Michael Bloomberg image courtesy of Dean Meyers.
Joe Lhota image courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.
John Liu image courtesy of A Abreu.
Jimmy McMillan image courtesy of David Shankbone.
Christine Quinn image courtesy of Boss Tweed.
Erick Salgado image courtesy of JacobNY.
Bill Thompson image courtesy of Edwin Martinez.
Anthony Weiner image courtesy of istolethetv.
Question mark image courtesy of William Brawley.



Profile photo of MyNameIsMeMyNameIsMe
June 20th, 2013  1:39 AM

Most of the media coverage goes to Weiner and Quinn. Everybody else: minus 500.

Profile photo of AsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantasticAsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantastic
June 20th, 2013  3:23 PM

I think you are putting too much weight behind the union endorsements. The teachers’ union is not the only one that has picked losing candidates over the past two decades. Whether we like it or not, union endorsements are not what they used to be. All union endorsed candidates: Minus 100.

Profile photo of The Livid LibrarianThe Livid Librarian
June 21st, 2013  9:50 AM

Those studies that say one needs to be a sociopath to want to run for high office, this race is proving it. Minus 500 to all.