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We added a calendar for you to peruse our old stuff, it is off in the sidebar on the right.  Your questions and comments of the week below.

Sin Amen asked, "How do you figure out the percents?"  This formula: (number of correct predictions + (.5 * number of partially correct predictions) / total number of verified predictions (correct + wrong + partially right)) * 100.  The answer is rounded to the nearest hundredth.

And the comments of the week:

MyNameIsMe offered up one of many "optimistic" things Europeans have to look forward to when the trade deal goes through in an amazing thred:

Look on the bright side Europe: Second Amendment!

Flossy on the World Bank's prediction that the global economies are going to grow slower:

I am the world banker

I just sneeze
and you all falter

I control the earth, the wind, and the rain
come and get me if you can

Thou will be poor I proclaim
and your markets will make a stain

Mr. Dotdotdot on what a show on Pat Buchanan's thoughts should be called:

The Rancorous Ravings of Buchanan


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