Land of the Spied

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a new kind of prison

one of information
seized without explanation

no need for citizens to spy on each other
when there is the entity known as Big Brother

with an eye in the sky
an ear in your phone line

there is no escape
from this landscape

all the corporations
share their information

with the rogue nation
hell bent on privacy invasion



Profile photo of The Livid LibrarianThe Livid Librarian
June 7th, 2013  9:42 AM

So you can tell us James, is the reason why you’re constantly bringing down the site so that you could make it harder for the government to enter through your back door?

    Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
    June 7th, 2013  10:27 AM

    The government is too afraid to read this site. Just reading any of Henry’s posts will make everyone in the spy agencies commit suicide.

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
June 7th, 2013  10:28 AM

A haiku:

They search your searches
They follow your friends around
They’re your government

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
June 7th, 2013  11:30 AM

Hi Facebook friends
and government

What’s that thing I’m searching for?
Maybe I should give the NSA a call?

After all
they know it all

Even before
I can think, you know?