Escape from this Hellish Hades

Hot temperature

Oh, when will we be done with this wretched hell?
What the hell is that smell?

This city is not at all very swell
This heat is horrendous

What kind of psychopath looks forward to this?
Who thinks burning in hell feels like bliss?

Where is it cold this time of year?
Not here, and definitely nowhere near

As an added bonus
you get to avoid those noisy New Yorkers

Ah, the people of the coldest climes
what mountains do I need to climb

to see some frost in the summer season?
I cannot wait to commit my New York treason

Image courtesy of Sarah_Ackerman.



Profile photo of SarcastiteSarcastite
May 31st, 2013  2:53 PM

Henry, you should start a new series on weather poetry.

Profile photo of MissAdviceMissAdvice
May 31st, 2013  4:46 PM

Yesterday’s was better.