Quinn Remains Resilient No Matter Who Attacks Her

The candidates appeared in several more forums/debates this week.  Quinn still continues to be attacked by her opponents, special interest groups, and is even the gay community, yet she is consistently the frontrunner.  Malcolm Smith is being retired in this week's installment of the "New York City Mayoral Candidates Power Standings (or something like that)" as he is probably headed to jail.  All of last week's greatest moments are recorded and tallied up to see who really leads in the race to be crowned King (or Queen) of New York.  We will also be incorporating some of your recommended point allocations from the previous week.

Christine QuinnChristine Quinn

John LiuJohn Liu

Bill de BlasioBill de Blasio

Anthony WeinerAnthony Weiner

George McDonaldGeorge McDonald

Bill ThompsonBill Thompson

John CatsimatidisJohn Catsimatidis

  • Against fare hikesPlus 500.
  • Cursed out a Tea Party official.  Plus 5,000.
  • "In Harlem, where I grew up, bulshitt is considered a very mild-mannered expression."  Plus 1,000.
  • "I could have beat Obama."  For being delusional.  Minus 500.
  • "I could have beat Obama."  For being ambitious.  Plus 500.
  • "I could have beat Obama."  For being audacious.  Plus 2,500.
  • Pissed off at food carts in front of his supermarketsZero.
  • Believes the NYPD should have its own version of the CIAMinus 1,000.
  • This week's total: 8,000.
  • Cumulative total: -95.

Sal AlbaneseSal Albanese

Joe LhotaJoe Lhota

Erick SalgadoErick Salgado

  • Seems to have locked the rapidly growing Hasidic votePlus 13,000.
  • Will be useful in 2075 when they make up the majority of the city.  Minus 1,000.
  • Giuliani attacked all Democratic candidatesPlus 2,000.
  • This week's total: 14,000.
  • Cumulative total: -350.

Randy CredicoRandy Credico

Question markAdolfo Carrión

  • Would lift cellphone banMinus 1,000.
  • Released his first web ad of the campaign.  Zero.
  • As he is not part of any major party, this is much more publicity than was expected.  Plus 12,000.
  • This week's total: 11,000.
  • Cumulative total: -515.

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg

Jimmy McMillanJimmy McMillan

  • Rents went upMinus 100.
  • Rents went up.  Adding fuel to the fire that is, "the rent is too damn high."  Plus 15,200.
  • This week's total: 15,100.
  • Cumulative total: -900.

Christine Quinn image courtesy of Boss Tweed.
John Liu image courtesy of A Abreu.
Bill de Blasio image courtesy of Henry Gass.
Anthony Weiner image courtesy of istolethetv.
Bill Thompson image courtesy of Edwin Martinez.
Sal Albanese image courtesy of Heather Martino.
Joe Lhota image courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York.
Erick Salgado image courtesy of JacobNY.
Michael Bloomberg image courtesy of Dean Meyers.
Jimmy McMillan image courtesy of David Shankbone.
Question mark image courtesy of William Brawley.



Profile photo of MyNameIsMeMyNameIsMe
May 1st, 2013  11:58 PM

That’s exactly what we need more of, politicians shouting bullshit at people.

Profile photo of Debbie MyersDebbie Myers
May 2nd, 2013  8:59 AM

Quinn: When your own community does not want you to be mayor. Minus 10000.

Profile photo of The Livid LibrarianThe Livid Librarian
May 2nd, 2013  9:53 AM

Ugh, you put Quinn up top? Are you serious?