Tea Party Takes Europe

The New York papers are known for their ability to convey the day's most significant news in an eloquent and pithy manner.  We here at Dateline Headline will be comparing the headlines of the major New York papers and keep a running tally of the best.  Newspapers will be awarded from zero to ten points.  Click on the headlines to see an image of each paper's front page.  Can you do better than the New York papers?  Place your headline of the day below.

The tabloids ran with the same headline.  Newsday covered a local news story, while the broadsheets looked across the Atlantic for inspiration.

5.  Daily News - POWERBALL / Bodega worker's smile that says I've just won $338 MILLION / PAYDRO
Unique.  Points awarded: 2.

4.  New York Post - PAY-DRO!  Meet the $338M NJ jackpot dad
Unique.  Points awarded: 2.

3.  Newsday - DEATH ON THE LIE / Off-duty NYPD officer from LI killed in fiery crash
Grim.  Points awarded: 2.

2.  The Wall Street Journal - Bailout Strains European Ties / Cyprus Deal Preserves Euro but Sows Mistrust Between Continent's Haves, Have-Nots
Points for covering news.  Points awarded: 2.

1.  The New York Times - Rise in Egypt Sex Assaults Sets Off Clash Over Blame / More Victims Are Speaking Up - Problem Underlines Breakdown of Authority
Points for covering an important story.  Points awarded: 4.

Newspaper Today's Points Total Points
The Wall Street Journal 2 142
New York Post 2 134
The New York Times 4 120
Daily News 2 112
Newsday 2 74


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