The Future According to Microsoft

Here is Microsoft's prediction of the future.  Pretty amazing.  Let us break down all the wonderful and annoying things that we will have in five years time.  Ranked from bad to worse.

10.  Newspapers will change stories every time you touch them (no records of anything).

9.  Annoying bubbles will be popping up everywhere.

8.  People will communicate through glass (apparently there will be some super contagious disease in five years).

7.  We will have lost the capacity to speak.

6.  Everything will be made of glass, even pens (or are those pencils?).

5.  Windows will be computer screens (there will be no escape from the digital world).

4.  So will desktops, actual desktops.

3.  Computers will be the size of credit cards.

2.  Buildings, homes, and offices will look exactly the same as today.

1.  Super huge seats on airplanes!



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March 27th, 2013  4:03 AM

On 10: I am sure you will be able to download and archive stories. Then again there is that whole Amazon thing that went down a while ago where books were changed so who knows.

By the way, I had trouble logging in earlier.