A Bit of Fun Before the Summer

In the final session before the summer break, the parliamentarians held lively discussions on driverless vehicles, the National Health Service, the West Midlands, pensions, the exit from the European Union, the voting age, tertiary education, job centers, war veterans, poverty, child abuse, public sector pay, credit card surcharges, income inequality, ISIS, crime, parochial schools, a report on Saudi Arabia, and infrastructure spending.  Best bits below.

Labour's Geoffrey Robinson of Coventry North West kicks off the session with an attempt to ridicule the prime minister but she manages to hold her own.

Conservative Helen Whately of Faversham and Mid Kent taunts Jeremy Corbyn.

The Green Party's Caroline Lucas of Brighton, Pavilion wonders why a report on Saudi Arabia's involvement on the September 11 attacks is not being made public.


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