The Twin Peaks How To: Anger Your Coworkers

Twin Peaks Chad Broxford

Lunch is an important part of the workday, but so are conferences.  And conferences that take part in rooms that make people fantasize about food are conferences that get nowhere.  Not like they get anywhere without the distraction, but you know.  Here, Chad shows us how to get on the bad side of everyone in the workplace.

  1. Eat your lunch in the conference room.
  2. While you're doing that, make sure to spread it out over a large chunk of the desk.
  3. When your supervisor points out that there is a designated lunch room, protest that donuts and coffee are had in the conference room all the time.
  4. When stacking your food receptacles to make your ungraceful exit, make sure to place the bowl of soup on the precipice of the tray beneath it.
  5. Nearly drop your food all over the carpeted floor of the conference room.
  6. Ask one of your coworkers to open the door for you.
  7. Make sure what you are eating has a pungent odor that lingers long after you're gone.


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