Two Coopers, the Twin Peaks Picture Book

Twin Peaks Diane, Gordon, Albert
"Looks like we're going to Buckhorn."

Twin Peaks Hutch, Mr. C, Chantal
"I'm going to need you to take care of a warden friend of mine."

Twin Peaks Bushnell Mullins
"Dougie's a decent worker."

Twin Peaks Detectives Fusco
"There's no records of Dougie before 1997."

Twin Peaks Betty Briggs
"The Major told me you would come for this one day."

Twin Peaks Gordon, Dave, Cynthia, Albert, Tammy
"We're getting closer to something."

Twin Peaks Bobby, Hawk, Frank
"I know how to open this."

Twin Peaks note
"Looks like we have to go on a little excursion."

Twin Peaks note
"Two Coopers."

Twin Peaks Bill and Tammy
"Two Coopers."


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